Halloween Window Painting

  • Painting Windows in the Halloween Spirit!

    What better weather for painting windows than moderate temperatures and bright sunshine? It was just such a day for the Sayville High School and Middle School art students who made their annual visit downtown to paint the storefront windows with Halloween themes. Assorted images of ghouls, goblins, and ghosts, designed by the students and approved by the Art Department’s selection process, were meticulously matched to those Sayville merchants who agreed to showcase the students artworks.

    Each year, the success of this venture is due to the long-standing partnership between the Kiwanis Club members, who have generously donated painting supplies, and the Sayville Art Department. Thanks to such unwavering support, generations of Sayville art students have been expressing themselves artistically for a long time, and again this year, in time for our Downtown Sayville’s Fall Festival.