Sayville High School couldn’t have timed its Homecoming 2015 for a better day. The previous night’s thunderstorms moved out to sea, leaving a glorious autumn day on Saturday, October 10 for a Homecoming Parade, skits, and football game.

    This year’s Homecoming committee suggested each class sponsor a worthy charity to incorporate into their themes, with the skits utilizing a Disney movie that would relate to the charity. The students spent the week building class spirit by brainstorming, picking themes, planning related skits, and constructing colorful floats in preparation for the culminating activity of the Homecoming Parade. Points were accrued for class participation during spirit week, wherein each day had a special theme: class color day, American Day, Jersey Day, girls in white vs boys in black, Sayville Pride(purple and gold), as well as how many class members attended float building each night.

    During the parade from the Sayville Fire Department through Main Street  toward the Cherry Avenue entrance to the football field, the Sayville Fire trucks sirens blared for attention while the Rotary Club members led the way. Chanting cheerleaders, along with the Sayville Youth football team members and cheerleader squads, also marched in the procession, but the highlight of the parade was each class float, decorated in the brightly colored tissue paper, accompanied by supporting class members showing  great heart and lively spirit.  

    Before the game, the Homecoming crowds were entertained by the first two skits.

    • The Freshmen did their best, with help from the Finding Nemo gang, to Save the Great South Bay, a charity launched by former Sayville graduate Marshall Brown, who provided the students with t-shirts, stickers, and informational material and thanked them for their support; while
    • The Sophomores supported the ASPCA with their 101 Dalmatians characters taking a stand against the inhumane Cruella Deville.

    During halftime, the final two classes performed.

    • For their charity, the Wounded Warriors Project, the Juniors brought the Toy Story soldiers to life with Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, aliens, and  Bo Beep helping out;
    • The Seniors picked The Make A Wish Foundation for their charity and borrowed characters from Disney’s Aladdin for their skit;

    During the Homecoming game, each class also set up tables to collect donations for their designated charity. 

    Members from the Sayville Rotary judged the floats and skits, and when all the points were tallied from Spirit Week,  the Freshmen Class earned the highest marks—a real upset in the traditional Homecoming rankings. The Seniors came in second place, the Sophomores were third, and the Juniors came in fourth.

    Thanks to Homecoming organizers Kathy VanDorn and Lynn Ann Perlin, class advisers, as well as many volunteers, Homecoming was a celebration of high energy, great enthusiasm, and charitable hearts. Upholding this sense of spirit, Sayville’s undefeated Flashes bested Islip with a final score of 48:14.

    Kings, queens and courts:



    King and Queen: Elias Kalomiris and Paige Liskiewicz

    Court:   Joe O’Leary and Savannah Votino

    Kyra Squillante and Sal Zafonte



    King and Queen: Ryan Rafferty and Emily Levin

    Court: Jake Marshall and Meghan Aversano

    Andrew Cameron and Elizabeth Gouvis



    King and Queen: Chris Castelli and Kristen Slevin

    Court: Joe Vittile and Katherine McClellan

    Meghan Hart and Doug Read      



    King and Queen: Evan Geffner and Cassie Deutsch

    Court: Kevin Lederer and Katie Kolar

    Eric Gustafon and Mary Jo Chan