Lincoln Avenue

  • “Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes, the swing in your gait; the grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas.” HENRY FORD

    Once Lincoln Avenue’s most “well-mannered” class processed into the auditorium for their 2015 Moving-Up Ceremony, Principal Dr. Michele LeBlanc welcomed them, their families, and the District Administrators in attendance. BOE President John Verdone (a former Lincoln parent) made an appearance and shared a few words, Principal Tom Murray offered assurances about Middle School, and Dr. LeBlanc acknowledged the “graduating” Lincoln parents for their six years of support. She also thanked the special PTA, SEPTA, and Site-BasedTeam volunteers for their countless hours of service. 

    During her address, Dr. LeBlanc cited Henry Ford’s quote on enthusiasm [see above] to best describe the amazing class. “It is hard to miss the enthusiasm within this group: the sparkle, the swing, the will, and the energy. You will see it this morning.” Dr. LeBlanc also noted how the spirit of cooperation within this class (another of Ford’s favorite subjects), has enabled these Fifth graders to work together “within and outside the classroom. This is a group that is highly willing to serve others, and they thoroughly enjoyed that role.” Dr. LeBlanc attributed the successes this class has seen to “their energy and will combined with their ability to work together. There is a maturity within the group that for me adds sparkle and swing to the ceremony and I feel this class is prepared…” In thinking about this very special group of talented children, Dr. LeBlanc concluded with another quote from Mr. Ford; “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. You would make Henry Ford so proud as you have me. Congratulations, students. Congratulations, parents.”

    Representing each Fifth-grade class, three students (Eva Kosak, William Kretz, Madison Galaris) read their insightful essays about their years at Lincoln, and all the students performed two songs: the traditional For Just a Little While, and this year’s hit that was cleverly and appropriately paraphrased All About the Lockers (lyrics rewritten by Sayville Music teachers Christine Cirillo and Kristi Woerner to the music of All About the Bass) regarding lockers at the Middle School. 

    Annie Bench
    Elizabeth Bossert
    Jose Jaimes
    William Kretz
    Rylie Mullaney
    Gianna Racanelli
    Olivia Reiss
    Shayla Smith 
    Mark Broome
    Brianne Bunting 
    Keira Collins
    Zhora Dominguez
    Cate Doxsee
    Connor Dubay
    Katrina Kranzle
    Jade Morello
    Isabelle Smith

    Elizabeth Bossert 
    Brianne Bunting
    Liam Busch
    Anthony Capuano 
    Molly Clark 
    Mackenzie Doller 
    Zhora Dominguez Cate Doxsee 
    Brooke Dubay 
    Isabella Graziano 
    Christopher McCabe 
    Eric McFadden 
    Jade Morello 
    Rylie Mullaney 
    Daniel O’Doherty
    Rebekah Osik  
    Vincent Palumbo 
    Kathryn Schroeder 
    Isabelle Smith 
    Shayla Smith 
    Tristan Stokes 
    Ava Walsh 
    Grace Allgauer 
    Emma Ball
    Annie Bench
    Matthew Bonfanti
    Alexandra Bostinto
    Mark Broome
    Gwen Brown
    Brooke Burke 
    Jeremy Chiusano
    Tom Cea
    Keira Collins
    Sarah Dooley 
    Holly Doxey 
    Connor Dubay 
    Madison Galaris 
    Olkans Gilbert 
    Colin Gover 
    Aidan Keane 
    Eva Kosak 
    Katrina Kranzle
    Thomas Liguori
    Erin O’Donnell 
    Andrew Person 
    Olivia Reiss 
    Swati Sheth 
    Serada Traylor 
    Sam Verdone 
    Daniel Weber
    Lindsay Whitbread 
    Katelyn Zito 

    Triple “C” • Elizabeth Bossert, William Kretz
    New  York State Comptroller • Daniel O’Doherty, Keira Collins 
    County Legislature Presiding Officer • Isabella Graziano