Middle School Moving Up

  • Young Men and Women” Move Up in Middle School Class of 2015
    Two hundred forty-nine Eighth-graders processed into the auditorium for their Moving-Up Ceremony, while the Seventh-grade Orchestra played the march. Once all had assembled, the program opened with the National Anthem, sung a capella by the amazing Samantha LoGrippo (left) whose performance brought roars of approval and applause from the audience.

    During his address, Principal Thomas Murray expressed his great privilege to be celebrating the accomplishments of the Moving-Up students. Along with enumerating the class statistics (see below), he praised them for their outstanding attributes. “What I have come to admire the most about this class is the fine young men and women you have become. Wherever you have traveled as a class you have always made people feel welcomed and loved. You have left your handprint of love, compassion, courage, joy, and integrity.”

    With quotes from Thomas Edison (Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time) as an incentive for them never to give up on the challenges they will face at the high school, and Ronald Reagan (Each generation goes further than the generation preceding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation) to remind the students that others “continue to sacrifice so that you may have a world of endless opportunities,” Mr. Murray concluded. “When you walked in here [three years ago] you were up to my waist; leaving here, some of you can look me in the eyes…you’ve grown up into fine young men and women. Sayville Middle School staff, teachers, and myself wish you nothing but the best in the high school and in your future endeavors. Parents and guests, I present to you the Moving-Up Class of 2015 and the future graduating Class of 2019!”

    STATISTICS In this new era of academic rigor, the Moving-Up Class of 2015 has risen to the challenges and have excelled. Out of 249 students:
    • 90 students (36% of the class) took the Common Core Algebra Regents—100% passed.
    • 86 students took the Living Environment Regents—100% passed; 82 (or 95%) of those 86 received a score at the mastery level.
    • 234 students have met the requirements for a high school foreign language credit.
    • 83 students have taken and passed the High School Studio In Art Class, which is 33% of the class.
    • 98% of the Class is leaving with 1 High School Credit
    • 38% of the Class is leaving with 2 High School Credits
    • 35% of the Class is leaving with 3 High School Credits
    • 37% of the Class has maintained a 90 GPA for 11 marking periods.

    The Arts
    • Our Music Program has competed around the country. NYSSMA students performed solos receiving top honors. One student was selected to represent Sayville in the Long Island String Festival; eleven were selected for the SCMEA All-County band/chorus/orchestra groups; one was selected for the All-County Jazz festival; fourteen students achieved an A+ rating (the highest rating) for their solo performance at this year’s NYSSMA solo festival. One student attended the Julliard School of Music, Music Advancement Program on Saturdays, the Stony Brook Saturday Precollege program, the Children’s Orchestra Society, and the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra. The music department participated in a practice- a-thon raising over $1300 for the Harry Chapin Food Pantry. 
    • Our teams have competed hard and have enjoyed success. There have been many undefeated seasons as well as Section XI Sportsmanship Award winners.

    Community Service

    • For the past three years, we have had over 200 Presidential Community Service Winners – serving 10,000 hours of community service
    • You raised money to beat cancer, support our soldiers, feed and clothe the needy, and collect toys, making Christmas a little brighter.


    ALGEBRA Amy Tomko
    ART 8 Mackenzie Damon 
    Studio in Art Ava Herrera 
    BAND Donald Schweikert
    CHORUS Samantha LoGrippo
    COMPUTERS Timothy McNamara
    ENGLISH Nicholas Cameron
    FRENCH Harrison Bench 
    LIFE SCIENCE Maria Buffardi
    MATHEMATICS 8 Russell Rodman
    ORCHESTRA Avery Rosado   
    PHYSICAL ED. (BOYS) Thomas Nielsen
    PHYSICAL ED. (GIRLS) Briana Davis
    SOCIAL STUDIES Abigail Sneddon
    SPANISH Christian Simpson
    TECHNOLOGY Bradley Eisner 

    Cameron Riccomini Scholarship Briana Davis
    Erin Halliday-Duffy Sunflower Scholarship  Bettina Bonfiglio, William Bongiorno, Devin Castell, Ava Herrera, & Timothy Kanaley
    NYS Attorney Triple C Award  Cory Cutrone & Sara Holmes
    SC Executive Award Grace Aversano
    NYS Comptroller’s Achievement Award  Sierra Boyce & Avery Rosado


    Girls Sportsmanship Sierra Boyce
    Boys Sportsmanship Kolbi Maddy
    School Leadership Nedeem Malik
    School/Community Service Jilleen Barrett   
    Academic Improvement Magdalena Schroeder

    2015 - 8th grade Presidental Scholarship 
    Caitlin Adams
    Amanda Albanese
    Ariana Annarumma
    Harrison Bench
    Emily Benedetto
    Liam Berlingieri
    Lauren Birong
    Bettina Bonfiglio
    Sierra Boyce
    Kylie Buck
    Nicolas Burzo
    Nicholas Cameron
    Nicholas Cannetti
    Loriann Capra
    Simone Carniaux
    Robert Cascio
    Mary Jo Chan
    Alexandra Coia
    Daniela Cortes
    Cory Cutrone
    Mackenzie Damon
    Briana Davis
    Jack Davis
    Cassandra Deutcsh
    Meghan Dooley
    Andrew Faughnan
    Katie Feeley
    Katelyn Fitzgerald
    Eric Foster
    Maxwell Gallo
    Nita George
    Kellyn Gregory
    Eric Gustafson
    Ava Herrera
    Sara Holmes
    Ceili Howland
    Douglas Hunter
    Owen Ifferte
    Julia Kaczmarek
    Jillian Knopf
    Emily Manning
    Evan May
    Scott McFadden
    Michael McKillop
    Deanna McNally
    Gabriella Medeck
    Michaela Medeck
    Joshua Minutello
    Keira Mizzi
    Timothy Mohrmann Jr
    Tomas Moreira
    Kathryn Murphy
    Jenna Newman
    Kamryn Nickdow
    Anna O'Connell
    Andrew Ohman Jr
    Emily Parsowith
    Lorenzo Pensabene
    Gretchen Persan
    Christopher Pitre
    Erika Powers
    Jordan Ramsaywak
    Kelly Read
    Madeline Recker
    Brian Reilly
    Avery I Rosado
    Cassandra Rosado
    Haille Ross
    Benjamin Scapellati
    Donald Schweikert
    Lillian Schweikert
    Jaden Sconzo
    Sohum Sheth
    Christian Simpson
    Abigail Sneddon
    Karl Stein
    Eric Stenzel
    Ian Surdi
    Bryanna Tersigni
    Amy Tomko
    Alexander Urmaza
    Patrick VanWickler
    Sambodhi Vasani
    Madelyn Wagner
    Liam Wallace
    Olivia Werner
    Eric Willsen
    Samantha Yost