NJHS 2015 Induction

  • Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Character, & Citizenship Celebrated at the National Junior Honor Society Ceremony 

    Fifty-nine Seventh-graders and four Eighth-graders earned their well-deserved recognition at the 2015 Sayville Middle School National Junior Honor Society annual candle-lighting induction.

    These industrious students have both maintained a grade average of 95 or above for four quarters as well as exemplified the five attributes—represented by five candles—of Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Character, and  Citizenship required to become a member of  the prestigious National Junior Honor Society. Middle School Principal Thomas Murray and NJHS advisor Mrs. Lloyd-Matthews were proud to welcome the inductees and their families for the evening ceremony.


    Assisting with the celebration, Eighth-grade society members participated  in various capacities: opening with the Pledge of Allegiance (Emily Manning), describing the five attributes: Scholarship (Eric Gustafson), Service (Hannah Rose Niggemeier), Leadership (Amy Tomko), Character (Sara Holmes), and Citizenship (Avery Rosado), announcing the inductees (Sierra Boyce, Simone Carniaux, Julia Kaczmarek, Abigail Sneddon), and lighting the symbolic candles (Madeline Recker). After all the new members received their certificates and handshakes from Mr. Murray on stage, they returned to their seats where current member Harrison Bench led the inductees in the NJHS pledge.



    Closing the ceremony with parting words, Mrs. Lloyd-Matthews reminded the new members that they are required to continue upholding the attributes of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character as they complete their years at the Middle School, while Mr. Murray commended the students for bringing such pride to the Sayville Middle School community.



    NJHS is the leading organization that recognizes exceptional middle-level students who have successfully demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character throughout their Middle School years.



    Congratulations to the following:

    2015  7th Grade Honor Society


    First Name      Last Name


    1. Elizabeth         Argenziano
    2. Brieanna         Baldante
    3. Krista               Birong
    4. Connor                        Brennan
    5. Cassidy            Bunting
    6. Michelle          Buono
    7. Isabelle            Byrne
    8. Aidan               Cappellino
    9. Jayna               Catalina
    10. Caroline          Collins
    11. Rory                 Collins
    12. Aidan               Collins
    13. Joseph             Comiskey
    14. Liam                Cummings
    15. Brendan          D'Andrea
    16. Liam                Davidson
    17. Hailey              Decker
    18. Patrick             Delaney
    19. Steven             Devery
    20. Brendan          Dillon
    21. Cole                 Doller
    22. Tara                 Donohue
    23. Catherine        Doyle
    24. Angela             Earvolino
    25. Meghan           Filosa
    26. Lauren             Flaumenhaft
    27. Jessica             Fraccalvieri
    28. Amy                 Gallagher
    29. Shaun              Gibbons
    30. Ryan                Gover
    31. Matthew         Grossi
    32. Patrick             Hession
    33. Trevor             Hotis
    34. Sarah               Keane
    35. Ihtesham         Khan
    36. Philip               Kloska
    37. Mackenzie       Koster
    38. Bailey              Lillis
    39. Allison             Lynn
    40. Tyler                Maslak
    41. Constantine     Michaelides
    42. Jordan             Miglino
    43. Brock               Murtha
    44. Sarah               Nolan
    45. Ryan                Noone
    46. Dylan               O'Donoghue
    47. Samir               Patel
    48. Madison          Perez
    49. Mark               Radzewsky
    50. Caitlin              Reilly
    51. Michael           Scoleri
    52. Steven             Talbot
    53. Alexa               Vargas
    54. Mary               Vermilyea
    55. Dylan               Vigna
    56. Nicholas          Virga
    57. Sarah               Watters
    58. Harry               Wessels
    59. Natalie                        Young



    2015 8th Grade Honor Society


    First Name      Last Name


    1. Ariana             Annarumma
    2. Loriann            Capra
    3. Briana             Davis
    4. Ava                  Herrera