NEW Lego Computer Lab

  • Engineering and Robotics at the Sayville Middle School

    Welcome to Serious Fun and to our new Lego
    Computer Lab!

    Sayville Middle School students were introduced to both the hardware components of the robotic system and Lego MindStorms and RoboLab* engineering software  in a new unit.  


    * RoboLab is the simple yet powerful programming/coding language that allows students to program Lego models to automatically perform tasks and to solve problems just like engineers do in the real world.  At the heart of the system is the RCX, a microcomputer that can be programmed using a PC.  The RCX serves as the brains of the operation.  It can receive input from its various sensors, process the data and send signals to output sensors to perform various tasks. 



    At the beginning of this Lego MindStorms, Robotic Command System, and Computer Lab unit, the Middle School students were required to build a robot using the RCX and the Lego elements found in a comprehensive kit of materials.  After, in groups of two or more, the students created a program for the robot using RoboLab, which was downloaded to the RCX via a special infrared transmitter connected to a computer. 

    Throughout the entire unit, the students learned not only about Lego manipulation, but programming/coding, problem solving, team building, graphic design, time management skills, engineering concepts, and troubleshooting--all essential skills for future careers.

    Google Chrome and Google Classroom

    All work including classwork and homework is delivered through Google Classroom so the Middle School students can work on assignments from any computer.

    “The Can–Do Team Challenge”


    Working with other members of their class, the Middle School students have been building a robot using the Lego MindStorms Team Challenge Kit of parts and RoboLab software to program it for the challenge.  The robots are designed to perform a specific function and must compete against other robots in an event designed to test their behavior.  The competitive event demonstrated the extent to which the robot works the way it is supposed to. 

    The team challenge has been fun because the students worked together towards a common goal.  They also applied what they learned from other subject areas.  Each member of the group learned to communicate by listening to the ideas shared by others and writing these ideas down as a way of ensuring an understanding was achieved.