New Design Potential

  • New Design Potential
    Thanks to a Sayville High School Student Collaboration

    A real-world collaboration among the Sayville High School technology and business department students made for some exciting possibilities.

    Sara Carbocci, daughter of Technology teacher Mr. Carbocci, visited Sayville High School early this semester as a representative of M3 Technology, an Aerospace & Defense Solutions Company located in Bellport, New York that supplies hardware, chemicals, electronics, and consumable items worldwide.

    Ms. Carbocci spoke to Mr. Vogel’s Computer Graphics and Advanced Computer Graphics class, as well as Mr. Cross’ Business Skills class about an interest in a new company logo and slogan. She showed the company’s current logo and slogan as well as their competitors.  She asked if the students could develop a new logo and slogan that would both revamp and align itself with the company’s goals.

    For over a month since her visit, the students worked hard and creatively on new ideas. Computer Graphics classes worked on the logos using Adobe Illustrator CS4, and the Business Skills class conducted research and learned how to write slogans. The classes collaborated once a week to share research, ideas and to critic each other’s work.

    Recently, Ms. Carbocci returned with a colleague to review the students’ logo and slogan presentations, and both were excited and amazed to see the amount of effort, great potential, and professional quality in the students’ work. The students were also thrilled by the possibility that one of their designs could be picked should the company decide to go forward with logo and slogan changes.

    No matter what the outcome, everyone shared an energizing experience from this wonderful collaboration.