Open for Business

  • Bathroom/Locker Rooms Construction Finished at Varsity Girls Soccer/Lacrosse Field

    Since the groundbreaking in September, the Varsity Girls Soccer/Lacrosse field on Greeley Avenue has undergone a major construction for a bathroom/locker room facility. 

    During the planning and construction phases, Sayville Assistant Superintendent for Business John Belmonte maintained oversight on all aspects of the capital project while working closely with General Contractor CCLI to ensure  job completion in time for the spring season.

    This April, despite a difficult and snowy construction season, the facility officially opened for business. 

    Before the start of Thursday's game, the Sayville Varsity Girls Lacrosse participated enthusiastically in a ceremonial ribbon cutting. Later, they won against East Islip. 

    (Photo: Athletic Director Dennis Maloney, Volunteer Assistant Coach Mark Russell, Coach Adam Sznitken, Superintendent Dr. Walter Shartner, BOE President John Verdone, and  Varsity Girls long-time supporter Lois Cloud Melanczak  who was also a parent of former team members.)