• On With the Show!

    OSCARS at Cherry Avenue


    It was all dazzle and shine at this year’s Annual Oscar Ceremony at Cherry Avenue. The parade of well-dressed celebrities marched on the red carpet as loving fans (parents and relatives) cheered.

    All the nominees took center stage to open the ceremonies with a performance of Mike Wilson’s “Enjoy the Show,” conducted by their energetic music teacher, Kristi Woerner. This delightful musical showcase was followed by introductions and welcomes from Hostess of Ceremonies Mrs. Geraldine Batterberry, an Oscar fashion statement in her gold-sequenced tunic, who captured the audience’s attention with her wit, finesse, and puns.

    Enumerating all the reasons why these hardworking Third-graders at Cherry Avenue were “Oscar worthy,” Mrs. Batterberry, along with “Academy” Assistants Mrs. Andria Flynn and Mrs. Karen Donnelly who were both accessorized in splendid feathered boas, congratulated the students whose successful efforts undoubtedly made them all winners.


    New this year were LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS for two very special people, CSE/CPSE Chairperson and School Psychologist Cara Donaldson, who has been an exceptional child advocate for students districtwide, and Elementary School teacher Claudia Carpenter who started her career twenty-five years ago at Cherry Avenue, both retiring this June.  Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. John Stimmel was invited back to Cherry to introduce the two winners and announce their awards. 

    Currently a Second Grade Teacher at Sunrise Drive, Mrs. Carpenter’s grandson Dylan Walsh is a First-grade student at Cherry and made a guest appearance to award his “mamar” her trophy, along with some warm hugs.

    Another special guest appearance by a Lincoln Avenue Third grader brought tears to Mrs. Batterberry’s eyes; Catherine Batterberry won the award for Best Daughter.  The emotional moment was offset by a humorous acceptance speech prepared by Mrs. Batterberry.  Catherine, who was so inspired by her Oscar, read her speech aloud:  “I think I’ll clean my room, make my bed, and wash the dishes.” The audience of students and parents roared with laughter.  “Maybe I won’t do all these things,” she continued, “but I still love you.”—words every mother wants to hear!

    At last, the stars of the show (see names below) were called up for their specific awards and took center stage to express their “shock, surprise, and gratitude” in acceptance speeches that thanked family, classmates, and teachers.

    It all seemed great fun, but the actual purpose of the Cherry Avenue Oscars was to promote public speaking and help the students develop a sense of self-esteem, thereby fulfilling the New York State Standards for public speaking.

    The annual Cherry Avenue Oscar Awards Ceremony gave all the students a wonderful opportunity to dazzle the audience with their acceptance speeches and to shine in the spotlight of parental pride. 

    The following Oscar-worthy students enjoyed the Red Carpet Treatment on March 12, 2015


    Here are the winners from class 3-Batterberry:

    • Best Daughter: Catherine Batterberry J (3rd-grade Guest appearance from Lincoln Avenue)
    • Best Screenplay (Writing) Michael Luce, Michael McGuiness
    • Leading Lady (Sets a good example) Loghan McNamara, Fallon Santoro
    • Best Set Design:  (Art) Allison McDonnell, Zachary Watson
    • Math Action Star: Kieran Rosica, Lily Corcoran, Michael Laterza, Jack D’Andrea
    • Outstanding Behavior:  Delaney Lutz, McKenna Farrell, Lucas Kolk
    • Best Supporting Speller:  Anthony Delaney, Faith Cummings
    • Best Leading Attitude:  Marrisa James, Frankie Curry
    • Best Director: (Reading) Courtney Corcoran, Abigail Cabrara,  Kate Leigh-Manuell  
    • Best Script:  (Handwriting) Breanna Scheck-Gomez
    • Leading Man (Sets a good example) Michael Pattilio, Luke Hansen
    • Director’s Assistant:  (great helper) Ailsinn Parrott, Eilise Marino

        Here are the winners from class 3-Flynn:

    • Best Leading Attitude: Kyla Ricevuto, Tyler Sebor
    • Outstanding Behavior: Erin Parrott, Matthew Reina
    • Best Set Design: Julian Arena, Patrick Dolan, Luke Doucet
    • Best Director: Grace Mayer, Evan Cook
    • Best Supporting Speller: Maya Christiansen, Sebastian Espinoza
    • Math Action Star: Damian Rucker, Devin Miller
    • Best Script: Corinne Schick
    • Director's Assistant: Rylee Chichester, Douglas Bard, Molly Sanges
    • Best Screenplay: Amanda Vespermann
    • Leading Lady: Emma Dean-Stahl, Genevieve Frawley, Caitlyn Schutte
    • Leading Man: Josiah George, Kyle Zoller


      Here are the winners from class 3-Donnelly:

    • Best Screenplay (Writing) Avery Lazarus, Dean Gates
    • Leading Lady (Sets a good example) Savannah Perez, Sadie Nelson
    • Best Set Design:  (Art) Joseph Malossi, Giovanna Grataski
    • Math Action Star: Sean Folks, Carter White, Emily Watters
    • Outstanding Behavior:  Lily Coan, Emmanuel Cuzzo
    • Best Supporting Speller: Nicholas O’Brien, Dominic Franzese 
    • Best Leading Attitude: Alexandra Hoenes, Kyla Canterella, Travis Behm
    • Best Director: Gia Caiazzo, Sadie Nelson
    • Best Script:  (Handwriting) Luca Berlingieri
    • Leading Man (Sets a good example)James Marino, Danny Sullivan
    • Director’s Assistant: Harper DeVerna, Sophia Elderbaum, Molly Brady