Career Day at High School

  • Talking Careers and Business with

    Sayville High School Students

    Sparing time from their busy work schedules, guest professionals (see list below) shared their expertise with Sayville High School Juniors and Seniors on a special Career Day. The event, the brainchild of Sayville Superintendent Dr. Walter Schartner and Sweet Frog owner Joseph Golio, matched students with respective career fields based on the results of an “interest survey” they had taken in advance. 


    “In an increasingly competitive world,” Guidance Council Tim Dillon explained, “it is vitally important to help young people discover their gifts. Equally important, as we strive to incorporate the three R’s of education:  Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships, is helping young people realize how their gifts fit into the world of work.”  


    With a diverse choice available that day, students who expressed specific interests, learned about careers in law, politics, healthcare, engineering-computers IT, education, business-finance-marketing, and about what it takes to run a small business. Even those who remained undecided joined an eclectic discussion group.


    Regarding the Career Day itself, Mr. Dillon had words of praise for everyone who contributed toward making the program a beneficial experience for the students.  “We were humbled and overwhelmed by the selfless and talented volunteer speakers; all of whom shared generously, their stories on the pathways to having productive and satisfying careers.” In addition, Mr. Dillon acknowledged, “our exceptional administrative team at Sayville High School for working tirelessly to make it happen” as well as the special efforts by “Mrs. Sharon O’Halloran in our main office, who was an extraordinarily helpful professional resource in managing all the correspondence and clerical duties.”

    Thanks go to the following guests who shared their expertise with the students: 


    1.     Health Care –Moderator  Mr. Hoffer-Auditorium


    -          Dr. Travis Bench –          Heart Surgeon                     

    -          Dr. Frank Gomez-           Chiropractor                         

    -          Fran Riccardi-                  RN                                          

    -          Dan Joy                          physical therapist                 




    2.     SMALL BUSINESS –Moderator  Mr. Baio-Orchestra Room


    -         Brendan Barrett-                        Sayville Running Co.            

    -         Caityln Collins                  By a Thread                          

    -         Rich D’Andrea                 Raynor & D’Andrea             

    -         Christopher Imperato-   Coin Collector                                   

    -         Pat Iiya                             interior design                      


    3.      EDUCATION –Moderator  Mrs. Makris-Library

    -          Donna DiBerardino           Librarian                               

    -          Brian Hart                      College Professor                        

    -          Artie Mattia                                                                     

    -          Audrey Mullen                 Speech Pathologist               

    -          Laura Valente                  Dean of Residential Education           

    -          Johnathan Prior                       Librarian                                            


    4.     BUSINESS/FINANCE/MARKETING –Moderator  Ms. Adamson-Band Room


    -          Tina Passin                      Financial Analyst                  

    -          Richard Riccomini           Finance Schonfeld Tools      

    -          David Geffner                  Financial Solutions               

    -          Nancy Stallone                 CPA                                       

    -          Wyder Tutirem               Capital One Bank                 


    5.      LAW/POLICITAL –Moderator  Ms. Backer-Senior Lounge


    -         Bill Lindsay             Suffolk County Legislature  

    -         Diane Novak           ADA                                       

    -         Nancy Ward            police officer                        

    -         Patricia Carrol        attorney                                            



    6.     ENGINEERING/COMPUTERS IT –Moderator Mr. Dillon-Little Theatre


    -         Keith Sneddon                                                       

    -         Lorelei Schreiber                                                 

    -         Pat Hession                                                           

    -         Matt Otto (with Hession)                                  

    -         John Guinessey       Wm. Floyd Schools              


    7.      UNDECIDED Moderator – Ms. Stevens-Chorus Room


    -         Debra Carlin                                                          

    -         Drew Fawcett                                                         

    -         Al Havraneck          Old World Mouldings           

    -         Chad Smith                           

    -         Bill Etts                    Marc Williams Furniture  

    Student comments for each area are below:

    ENGINEERING - Ryan Morrell: "...incredibly worthwhile...really opened my eyes up to the infinite possibilities that an Engineering career could provide."    

    HEALTH CARE -  Gage Gomez: "It really helped continue my idea that I could have a rewarding career as a surgeon; Dr. Dench really inpsired me."

    EDUCATION -  Dan Martucci: "I never considered all the diffirent aspects of a career in education; from teaching to administrative, it can really be a dynamic field."

    SMALL BUSINESS - Nick Casazza: " I was incredibly impressed with Brendan Barrett. He had a vision and was able to combine his passion for running with a career. I hope to do the same some day."