MS Mock Interviews

  • Mock Interviews at Middle School 

    Introduce Career-and College-Ready Skills 

    Especially when competition is so fierce, interviews are often the vital step toward acquiring a job or gaining acceptance to colleges.  Learning interviewing techniques— the sooner the better—will give students confidence to do their best.


    For many years, Sayville Middle School has been providing the right kind of practice as part of the Home and Careers curriculum, and again this semester, teachers Cheryl Scantlebury and Andrea Cacciatore organized Mock Interviews for the Eighth grade students.


    Preparing to put theory into practice on Mock Interview Day, the students spent weeks on the Career Investigation Unit in their Home and Careers classes. The students had learned they must meet and greet with firm hand shakes, eye contact, and clear voices of introduction. The candidates also learned they would be judged on whether they dressed suitably for the interview, how they conducted themselves before, during, and after the interview, and how well they answered questions regarding their job skills. While not every candidate would be a perfect match for the job, the real lesson had more to do with the students becoming familiar with the interview process, and how well their needs, aspirations, and goals might someday be viewed by employers.


    During the Mock Interviews with prospective “employers,” the students were considered for positions at Sayville Books & Beyond as either a Sales Associate in the Book Department, Sales Associate in the Music Department, Sales Associate in the Coffee Shop, or cashier. They were asked questions about their hobbies, favorite subjects, their grades, work experience and job skills, as well as their greatest strengths, career plans, how they would get to work, and what hours would they be available; but perhaps the most important question was in reverse: “Do you have any questions for me?” the interviewers asked. Taking the initiative to ask questions about the actual job showed that the candidate had done research about the company before the interview.


    Sayville Administrators, faculty, staff, and several, local merchants  (see List of Employers below) took the roles of Employers for this year’s fresh faces and rated the students’ interviews with a rubric that judged how the students answered the questions, from  the best, i.e., “clearly”  to “did not answer.”  After considering the candidates’ handshakes, attire, eye contact, answers to questions, appearance of the applications, along with the questions the candidate asked, the “Employers”  were also asked to rate if the candidates were strong (Definite Hire), acceptable (Possible Hire), or unacceptable (Would Not Hire).


    Thanks to everyone involved, Sayville Books and Beyond had many new hires this fall (see attached file). Congratulations, New Hires! And a special thanks to the “employers” who volunteered their time.


    List of Employers:

    Adam Brown                      Math Chairperson

    Barbara Hall                        Coordinator of Instructional Technology

    Brian Decker                      Assistant Principal Middle School

    Dawn Lloyd                         Social Worker

    Dawn Wiegand                 Sales and Service Manager TD Bank

    Dennis Maloney               Athletic Director

    Janice Shuster                   Guidance Counselor

    Jeffrey Hoffman               Music Chairperson

    Jillian Makris                       Assistant Principal High School

    John Stimmel                     Assistant Superintendent

    Scott Mellynchuk             Business Owner

    Kelly Raycroft                    Guidance Counselor

    Lenny Devlin                      Security Supervisor

    Linda Horrigan                   Food & Nutrition Director

    Pam Rooney                      Library Media Specialist

    Patricia Aichroth               Secretary Middle School

    Patricia Owens                  Store Manager TD Bank

    Paul Simonsen                  Social Worker

    Peter Branscombe          Director of Special Education Services

    Ron Hoffer                          Principal High School

    Rosemary Camilleri         Assistant Superintendent-Human Resources

    Sandra Johnson                Retired Educator

    Kirk Simmons                     NYC Transit

    Sheila Simmons                Retired Educator

    Thomas Murray                Principal Middle School

    Tracy Von Eschen             Special Education Assistant Coordinator

    Walter Schartner              Superintendent of Schools

    William Seus                       Director of Technology

    Wyder Tutiven                  Sr. Branch Manager lll, V.P.                          

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