Mr. Hoss -Africa since 1945

  • Africa Since 1945

    Mr. Hoss


    Below are reliable resources to complete your project on Africa. 



    Use the Virtual Reference Collection

    to find information on Africa (login: Sayville, password: shs123).  Use search terms such as Africa, Colonialism, and Apartheid.  The following databases will be useful.

    • History Study Center

    Which includes an excellent time line of events under ‘Africa, 1941-2000’ in the Study Unit ‘An Introduction to African History’ and numerous pictures, maps & biographies.

    • Encyclopedia Britannica

    Use the online encyclopedia for biographical information and information regarding such topics such as Colonial Rule, Negritude Movement or Apartheid.

    • Wilson Biographies Plus Illustrated

    Use Wilson Biographies for information on figures such as Nelson Mandela & F.W. deClerk (South Africa), Kwame Nkrumah (Ghana) & Jomo Kenyatta (Kenya).



      Part C: Colonial Effects in Africa

      Imperialism and Colonialism- Posted by their teacher for the students at Bullard HS in Fresno CA., read through the reasons FOR and HOW European Imperialism spread. See related maps and political cartoons.

      Imperialism in Africa-Essays produced by
      thestudents at Pleasant Valley H.S. in CA. Here students have posted their interpretation of the events .Why did European Powers get into Africa and how successful were they in the competition?

      Accompanies the documentary on Mandela & includes a timeline of his life with other noteworthy events in Africa at the time.