• A FULL-Filling Experience at EMPTY BOWLS

    The Seventh Annual “Empty Bowls” fundraiser—a  Sayville High School Art Club event in recognition of National Hunger Awareness Month (October)once again encouraged dining with friends and family.  Delicious soups, some returning favorites, some new recipes, along with fresh salads, were homemade by teachers, staff, and families, along with some local businesses, and generously shared at the evening activity.  In addition, for the price of the $10 admission, attendees not only enjoyed a wide assortment of soups, salads, and dinner rolls, but were able to select a one-of-a-kind handmade ceramic bowl created by Sayville High School Art students and teachers.

    Empty Bowls, which is also held in conjunction with the Sayville School Employees Charitable Foundation,* was organized by High School art teacher John Verschure, with the assistance of Art Department Chairperson Debbie Urso, High School art teachers Evan Hammer and Jennifer Berotti, and supported by the entire Art department districtwide. Many thanks go to the student volunteers (see list) who either sold the unique hand-crafted bowls (which are both dishwasher and microwave safe)  or ladled the soups to hungry customers.


    By the time everyone had their fill, the fundraiser had collected $1,350 for the Sayville Food Pantry!

    *The “Sayville School Employees Charitable Foundation” was established in 2008. The purpose of this nonprofit organization is to raise funds for distribution to recognized charitable organizations within the communities of Sayville and West Sayville throughout the ENTIRE year. The primary method of raising funds has been through the voluntary donations from Sayville school employees via a deduction from their paychecks every two weeks. We are proud to report that approximately 97 staff members are current contributors.

    Thanks to all who contributed (see list below)


    1.      Doug Shaw – Garlic Soup

    2.      Don Fleming – Spinach and sausage soup

    3.      Nicole Verschure – Cream of Potato

    4.      Amy Verschure – Potato Leek Soup

    5.      Robin Laxton – chicken noodle

    6.      Evan Hammer – Hammer’s Hot Chili

    7.      Jen Berotti – Sweet Potato Bisque

    8.      Sue Hart – Pumpkin soup

    9.      Debra Urso – chicken pasta

    10. Abigail Brendum – Sausage Broccoli Rabe Soup

    11. Amy Thomas – Chicken Noodle

    12. Mrs. Dufrenoy – Cream of Broccoli

    13. Sally Stoll – Corn Chowder

    14. Christian Doller – New England Clam

    15. Anna Smith’s Mom – Beef Barley

    16. Linda Weingarten – Three Bean Tuscan Soup

    17. Klassert Family - Chili




    Kathy Van Dorn

    Sharon O’Halloran

    Tiffany Trava




    Fritzsche's Bakery

    Ed Schmieder






    Student Helpers

    Alyssa Klassert

    Tara Litvin

    Austin Coppola

    Blake Cunzio

    Jess Hand

    Melissa Hunter

    Dan Lumley

    Kiera Golon

    Julia Micelli

    Ally Ogunwale

    Bizzy Acierno

    Angela McDermott

    Sarah Carpenter

    Vic Creviston

    Hannah Bishop

    Gabrielle Krupa

    Dara Scolnick

    Noelle Dufrenoy

    Destiny Rivera

    Danielle Koster

    Kaylee Basil

    Julianna Giovan

    Isabella Giovan

    Katie Vanwickler

    Kristy Mongino

    Samantha Mayo

    Sam Wilson

    Isabella Lombardo

    Christine Guinnessy

    Julia Miglino

    Kiera Golon

    Chloe Argenziano

    Annabelle Rosenzweig


    And Mr Verschure’s Advanced  Ceramics classes that helped make and glaze the bowls!


    Special Thanks –

    Bevilaqua family

    National Art Honor Society - SHS