Building Retail Skills With a School Store


    Sayville High School Offers A "Field of Dreams" in Retail:


    “If you build it, they will come.”


    Magical as these words are, it takes more than magic to realize dreams in retail. And Sayville High School students will learn how to make merchandising a reality this year with the launching of “Golden Goods,” a new Sayville High school store.


    Golden Goods will be open throughout the school year and will be run primarily by the Career Development and Functional Academics (CDFA) program in conjunction with other High School students from clubs and organizations who will serve as role models and mentors to our students with disabilities. 


    However, the purpose of the school store is not just to have “kids” sell merchandise. Rather, it is a real-world learning opportunity that can benefit everyone. It involves business practices, such as retail, merchandizing, inventory, financial management, and advertising. It requires an understanding of both one’s target consumers and how to attract them, as well as finding efficient ways to balance supply and demand, and still meet the challenges of revenue and expenditures. Most importantly, a school store is a business venture through which all students can learn actual skills they will need for acquiring jobs and careers in their futures.


    While working at Golden Goods, the CDFA students will be able to practice their communication skills by conversing with their customers and helping them find specific merchandise offered in the store. In addition to opening its doors for customers, the CDFA students, with the guidance of Transition Coordinator Claire Rymer, the long-term oversight of Administrator for Special Education Tracy Von Eschen, along with Teachers Donna Trpicovsky and Chad Cross and support staff Barbara Nintzel, Dawn Ewald, and Jeff Morris, will also be developing a catalog of merchandise and even create an online presence for advertising.


    Recently, on the day of the ceremonial ribbon-cutting that commemorated the official opening of Golden Goods, there was great excitement among the CDFA students as well as an encouraging turnout of consumers. Making history, Sayville Superintendent Dr. Walter Schartner was their first customer with his purchase of a Spirit Wear hat and matching scarf,



    Now begins the real task. Keeping their Golden Goods customer satisfaction in mind, the students hope to build a reputation so that more will come, allowing them to maintain their own unique presence in the High School community with a store of their own.