Summer Career Development

  • Career Development: More than ONE summer job

    Summertime for three Sayville students involved in the Career Development and Functional Academics Program offered them more than ONE summer job opportunity. Over a six-week period, Ashley, Kaity, and Logan were introduced to “on-the-job” learning experiences at six different settings. Within diverse work environments, they consistently acquired hands-on skills, developing career awareness, task orientation, and socialization skills. 

    No matter what the venue each week, the students enjoyed their assignments:

    • At the Long Island Sports Plex the students first met with the supervisor to discuss their job duties for the week which included setting up the mini golf flags and table umbrellas, making inventory of the golf clubs, filling the water balloons, tidying the area by wiping the tables, weeding, even feeding the fish in the ponds.
    • At Stop & Shop, they stocked the shelves and helped customers by bagging groceries.
    • At theMaritime Museum, their career development included sorting, organizing, and making inventory for the museum gift shop and supply room. In addition, they dusted museum items indoors and picked up litter on the grounds.
    • Through the Special Education Department at the Sayville Administration Building, the Sayville students worked for the Public Relations office, sorting and filing by date the hundreds of newspaper articles and press releases about the school district. Once they had inserted them in protective plastic sleeves, they organized them in binders.
    • For the Town of Islip Senior Center, Ashley, Kaity, and Logan assembled the silverware service by rolling a fork, knife, spoon, and straw in a napkin and setting them up on the trays. They created centerpieces for the tables, put out the table cloths, sliced bananas and made punch for the summer party, and assisted the seniors with a recreational painting activity.
    • In the Bristol Assisted Living facility, their job training included folding clean linens from the laundry and dusting the furniture.


    Gaining insights about how to follow work-place rules, what clothing is appropriate for specific occupations, as well as punctuality were only part of the total program.  At the end of the week, the students regrouped for academic skills in a classroom setting. Their reading curriculum reinforced signs and words they learned on the jobs.

    Working at the mini golf at the Sports Plex was Logan’s favorite work site. “Everyone there was so nice to me. I would like to get a job there after school. I enjoyed putting the flags in the holes and counting, sorting and organizing the golf balls and golf clubs for inventory.” Ashley found “sorting the jewelry and making sure the museum was cleaned and ready for museum guests” at the Maritime Museum was her  preference, while Kaitlyn enjoyed the feeling of satisfaction she had stocking the shelves and bagging the groceries at Stop & Shop. With all the fun they had learning new things, the students hope they will be able to do it again next year.

    In addition, for “their determination and commitment to bettering their lives and the lives of others” at the Joyce Fitzpatrick Senior Center, Islip Town Supervisor Tom Croci and the Islip Town Board honored the three Sayville students at a Town Board Meeting

    Sayville Transition Coordinator Claire Rymer, Sayville Summer Program teacher Amanda Acevedo and two aides Barbara Nintzel and Vicki Graziano were pleased that Ashley, Kaity and Logan had such a great summer. Thanks to the cooperative efforts of the businesses who shared their work environments, the Career Development and Functional Academics Program students had an opportunity to grow and acquire job skills they will remember for years to come.