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Moving 9 11 Tribute on Bagpipes

  • A Bagpipe Tribute by Sayville Sophomore Sean Barry

    Remembering 9/11


    Sayville Sophomore Sean Barry was only three when his uncle Timothy Kelly perished on 9/11. A municipal bond broker working in Tower One at Cantor Fitzgerald from Port Washington, and father of three, Kelly was only 37 on that unforgettably tragic day.


    Growing up with fond memories of his uncle, Sean wanted to commemorate the 13th anniversary of 9/11 with his High School community.  Sayville High School Principal Ron Hoffer was impressed when the young man approached him to ask if he could play the bagpipes during each lunch period to remind his fellow students that this moment in American history should not be forgotten, even if they were too young to remember it themselves.

    Sean got his wish, and the High School community was gifted with a very touching, musical tribute from this talented and remarkable young man.