Nov 2014 BOE Mtg Citations



    NOVEMBER 13, 2014


    Student                                                                      Award

    Emma Como                                                               These students, from Girl Scout

    Haley D’Ambrosio                                                      Troop 1431, weeded, cleaned flower

    Maura Reilly                                                               beds, then planted mums donated

    Jordan Weber                                                                        by the PTA.


    Awards presented by Ms. Castello


    Student                                                                      Award

    Liam Harrison                                                             Student selected as All-National



    Jared Bergen                                                              Jared worked closely with the

                                                                                        Coastal Research & Education

                                                                                        Society of Long Island to

                                                                                        map and analyze whale & dolphin data.


    Shannon Bohman                                                      Shannon was accepted as Simons Fellow

                                                                                        of SUNY Stony Brook where she

                                                                                        studied seismicity in stars.


    Nicholas Cowan                                                         Nicholas is using ARCGIS to create

                                                                                        geospatial maps of potential coyote

                                                                                        colonization sites in Suffolk County.


    Nicole Farese                                                              Nicole has studied the ecology of Long

                                                                                        Island as a student in Brookhaven

                                                                                        National Laboratory’s Discovery

                                                                                        Science Series in Environmental


    Emily Faughnan                                                         Emily conducted research on brain

                                                                                        wave activity in response  to the Mozart

                                                                                        Effect and spatial cognition.


    Caitlin Gormley                                                          Caitlin studied plasmids as vectors,

                                                                                        antibiotic resistance transformations

                                                                                        and restriction analysis of recombinant

                                                                                        DNA at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.


    Christine Guinessey                                       Christine conducted research on the

                                                                            aggressive behavior in fruit flies

                                                                            by comparing wild type and genetically

                                                                            modified wingless species.




    Owen Guinessey                                            Owen conducted research including a regression

                                                                            analysis of Long Island Native American Indian

                                                                            arrow head sizes to historically documented prey



    Liam Haber                                                     Liam conducted an analysis of brain waves when

                                                                            students were exposed to unknown substances

                                                                            in black boxes.


    Isha Khawaja                                                  Isha is currently conducting her research in the

                                                                            High School greenhouse in aquaponics and is

                                                                            establishing growth rate vs. media for

                                                                            vertical forms.


    Allison Murphy                                              Allison was an Intel finalist for her research on the

                                                                            variation of mitochondrial DNA of the threatened

                                                                            banded sunfish within the Peconic Estuary



    Jack Novak                                                     Jack is doing research on the genetic variation

                                                                            of the seaside dragonlette dragonfly at

                                                                            Brookhaven National Laboratory’s High School

                                                                            Science Research Program.


    Christopher Palmeri                                      Chris has been working with Brookhaven National

                                                                            Laboratory’s High School Science Research

                                                                            Program.  He has been synthesizing and coding

                                                                            datasets of black carbon collected over India and

                                                                            The Brazilian Amazon.


    Shreeya Panigrahi                                         Shreeya is one of eight students accepted in

                                                                            Cold Spring Harbor’s Partners of the Future



    Jahan Rahman                                               Jahan has won awards for his research on the

                                                                            genetic variation of horseshoe crabs from 13

                                                                            beaches around the Island.


    Sean Velazquez                                              Sean is currently conducting research in

                                                                            cardiovascular epidemiology with two

                                                                            mentors at Stony Brook University.


    Awards presented by Mr. Hoffer