Middle School Moving Up

  • “Wonderful” Middle School
    Class of 2014 Moves Up

    Two Hundred sixty-one Eighth-graders processed into the auditorium for their Moving-Up Ceremony, while the Seventh-grade Orchestra played the march.

    Once all had assembled, the program opened with the National Anthem, sung a capella by the gifted Dea Ahlgrim, followed by the outstanding Jazz Band performing Earth Wind and Fire’s In the Stone, which included solo improvisations by accomplished Eighth-grade musicians. Each of these commanding musical performances raised roars of approval and applause from the audience.

    During his address, Principal Thomas Murray celebrated the accomplishments of the Moving-Up students, enumerated the class statistics (see below), and praised them for their outstanding attributes. “John Quincy Adams once said: ‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.’ Your actions have and will continue to inspire others to dream more, learn more, and become more....Thank you for three wonderful years....You are a wonderful class.”

    Mr. Murray concluded by having the students stand and face their parents. “You have learned well these past three years. Your foundation for success has been built, by your hard work and the support of your parents and teachers. You are ready to move on to the High School. Be kind to each other, treat each other well. Be there for one another. Congratulations!”

    TATISTICS For the 2014 Class of 261 students Academically
    • 93 students took & passed the Algebra Regents—36% scoring at mastery level.
    • 100% passed the Integrated Algebra Exam—59% scoring at mastery level.
    • 80 students took & passed the Living Environment Regents—90% scoring at mastery level.
    • 100% pass rate on both of the Regents exams.
    • 67 students took & passed the High School  Studio in Art Class, which is 20% of the class.
    • 90% of the Class is leaving with 1 High School Credit
    • 36% of the Class is leaving with 2 High School Credits
    • 26% of the Class is leaving with 3 High School Credits
    • 30% of the Class has maintained a 90 GPA for 11 marking periods.
    The Arts
    • Our Music Program has competed around the country. NYSSMA students performed solos receiving top honors. A student was selected to represent Sayville in the Long Island String Festival. Twelve students were selected for SCMEA All-County band/chorus/orchestra groups. Seven students were selected for the All-County Jazz festival. Twenty students achieved an A+s rating (the highest rank) at this year’s NYSSMA solo festival. The music department participated in a practice- a-thon raising over $1000 for the Harry Chapin Food Pantry. 
    • Our teams have competed hard and have enjoyed success.  There have been many undefeated seasons as well as Section XI Sportsmanship Award winners. 
    community service
    • For the past three years, we have had over 200 Presidential Community Service Winners – serving 20,000 hours of community service
    • You raised money to beat cancer, support our soldiers, feed and clothe the needy, and collect toys, making Christmas a little brighter.

    2013-2014 8th-GRADE 
    ALGEBRA Thomas Faughnan
    ART 8 Julia Hodgkinson 
    Studio in Art Emily Abrahall
    BAND Olivia Harrison
    BIOLOGY Amanda Wessels
    CHORUS Zoe Rivera
    COMPUTERS Nicole Sugarman
    ENGLISH Carleigh O’Donoghue
    FRENCH Marnie Monahan 
    LIFE SCIENCE Noelle Dufrenoy
    MATHEMATICS 8 Victoria Geraci
    ORCHESTRA Sean Haselton   
    PHYSICAL ED. (BOYS) James Lyons
    PHYSICAL ED. (GIRLS) Jessica Smith
    SOCIAL STUDIES Douglas Read
    SPANISH Kathryn Donohue
    TECHNOLOGY Cora Connolly 
    Cameron Riccomini Scholarship Ryan Wilson
    Erin Halliday-Duffy Sunflower Scholarship Abigail Brown, Julia Hodgkinson, Ava McNevin, Carleigh O’Donoghue, & Lyla Patterson
    SC Executive Public Service Award Hailey Keyser
    NYS Comptroller’s Achievement Christopher Castelli, Jenna Deignan, & Chloe Dymek

    Girls Sportsmanship MELANIE O’HOPPE
    Boys Sportsmanship NICK GONZALEZ
    School Leadership CODY BOSTINTO
    School/Community Service RYANN CONNOLLY   
    Academic Improvement PAUL WELCH

    Eighth-Grade Presidential Scholars 2013-2014      
      1.  Emily Abrahall

     2.  John Anderson

     3.  Emily Aracri

     4.  Chloe Argenziano

     5.  Cody Bostinto

     6.  Meghan Caraher

     7.  Matthew Castagna

     8.  Christopher Castelli

     9.  Daniel Cliff

    10. Bella Coan

    11. Isabella Colombo

    12. Ryann Connolly

    13. Otto Cooley

    14. Richard Cotes

    15. Kaitlyn Crisalli

    16. James Cummings

    17. Matthew Cutolo

    18. Christopher D’Amour

    19.  Hanna Decker

    20. Jenna Deignan

    21. Danielle DelGiorno

    22. Andrew Deutsch

    23. Kristin Dietrich

    24. Devin Dolan

    25. Kathryn Donohue

    26. Kyla Downey

    27. Noelle Dufrenoy

    28. Michelle Eremita

    29. Alexa Farinella

    30. Thomas Faughnan

    31. Rio Ferreira

    32. Maria Fiorillo

    33. Amelia Flaumenhaft

    34. Amy Fullam

    35. Meghan Hart

    36. Christopher Hichborn

    37. Jeremy Hirsch

    38. Julia Hodgkinson

    39. Karlee Ibanez

    40. Skylar Jackson

    41. Hailey Keyser

    42. Aidan Kolar

    43.  Taylor Lauri

    44.  Mackenzie Leddy

    45.  Michael Lofaro

    46. Moira Mahoney

    47. Ellen McAuliff

    48. Michael McCabe

    49. Brenna McClellan

    50. Katherine McClellan

    51. Colleen McGrath

    52. Ava McNevin

    53.  Marnie Monahan

    54.  Nicholas Moosa

    55. Kayla O’Brien

    56. Carleigh O’Donoghue

    57.  Sean O’Halloran

    58. Christina O’Leary

    59. Cole Parrott

    60. Lyla Patterson

    61. Daniel Perun

    62. Joseph Razzano

    63.Douglas Read

    64. Philip Rinaldi III

    65. Alicia Rivera

    66. John Robilotto

    67. Annabelle Rosenzweig

    68. David Salloum

    69. Nicole Sugarman

    70. Gabriele Thornton

    71. Alexa Villez

    72. Declan Wallace

    73. Kaitlin Weber

    74. Amanda Wessels

    75. John Wilkens

    76. Ryan Wilson

    77. Matthew Zafonte