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CA Gardening Club



    Putting the finishing touches on their beautification project, the five members of the Cherry Avenue Fifth-grade Gardening Club prepared the beds one last time before summer break. The wonderful idea of a Gardening Club was initiated by Fifth-grader Mary Madigan who was selected to be its first member along with four other students (Jordan Milo, Justin Doucet, Scott Rea, and Hannah Baldante) chosen by lottery.

     “We planted hosta and astilbe plants under the Cherry Avenue sign on the front lawn,” said Mrs. Patty McLary who organized the group. “We planted impatiens under the red maple to the right of the front door and have been working on the garden bed under the secretaries windows in the front.  We have edged, dug up dead azaleas, weeded, squished grubs with our gloved fingers, and planted purple phlox, astilbe and black mulch to the area.  Most of the supplies were bought by Dr. Inhe and others were donated.” 

    Thanks to the hard work by this year’s crop of young horticulturists—who did an amazing job—the tidy gardens are now gracing the front yard of the Cherry Avenue Elementary school. Check it out over the summer!


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