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ANCHOR CLUB Wins National Award

  • Congratulations to Sayville High School's Anchor Club members along with Club Advisor Melissa Rizzo-Shore for winning the Anchor Club Visibility Award at the national level from the Pilot Club International.

    See letter:

    June 11, 2014

    Dear Pilots,     

    This letter is to congratulate the Sayville High School Anchor Club as the recipient of the Outstanding Club Visibility Award at the Gold Level. Please share this wonderful news with the Anchor Club members.

    The Sayville High School Anchor Club will be recognized to receive a certificate for this great honor at the 8:30 – 10:00 am General Session at convention in Chicago on Friday, July 4, 2014.

    Please let Bonnie Millirans know who will be present at convention to receive this award certificate. Please designate someone to receive this award in the Anchor Club’s honor, such as your Club President or District Governor and provide that information to Bonnie as well. It is important that we have your/their name in place for the convention script.


    Again, congratulations for this outstanding accomplishment! We look forward to seeing you in Chicago!


    In Pilot friendship and service,

    Judy Langley

    Pilot International President

    Congratulations also to the following Anchor Club members who have completed their 15 hours of service to receive credit.



    NAME                                    GRADE


    Burnside, Chelsea                    10

    Camp, Kelli                             11

    Castell, Allie                            10

    Corwin, Taylor                        9

    Cowan, Nicholas                      11

    Davis, Emma                          9

    D’Amico, Brianna                     11

    DeBonis, Joseph                      12

    Dietrich, Melanie                     12

    Erlanger, Brendyn                   9

    Fargione, Ryan                        11

    Faughnan, Emily                      11    

    Flanagan, Shannon                  11

    Gallagher, Madison                  10

    Geiger, Lauren                         9

    Gensch, Leighann                    9

    Gibbons, Kaitlyn                      11

    Guinnessey, Christine               10

    Hofmann, Dara                       12

    Jackson, Alyssa                       11

    Kalomiris, Elias                        10

    Kobel, Jordan                          12

    Kobel, Taylor                          9

    Krupa, Gabrielle                      9

    Levin, Emily                            9

    Litvin, Tara                             11

    Lovece, Julianne                      11

    Maloney, Meghan                    12

    Marro, Julie                            11

    May, Madison                         10

    McElroy, Megan                      9

    Mills, Griffin                            9

    Minutello, Amanda                   10

    Mohrmann, Rebecca                        9

    Murphy, Erin                           12

    Murphy, Kevin                        11

    Murray-Coppoone, Ruth            11

    Neville, Melissa                       12

    Odierna, Justine                      11

    Osterloh, Emily                       9

    Palma, Elizabeth                      12

    Patterson, Emma                     12

    Patterson, Hayley                    12

    Pigott, Elizabeth                      10

    Racioppi, Alyssa                      10

    Redka, Kimberly                      11

    Reitzel, Kyla                           9

    Rolland, Michael                      10

    Rossi, Luke                             12

    Russ, Mackenzie                      9

    Russell, Olivia                         12

    Schilling, Camryn                    9

    Scoleri, Gianna                        9

    Sheridan, Jake                         9

    Sputh, Brian                           11

    Vetere, Anthony                      11

    Zarett, Rachael                       10



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