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    At Breakfast of Champions


    Sayville family members were invited to the 2014 Spring Breakfast of Champions celebration where twenty-one students were recognized for consistently demonstrating qualities of kindness, motivation, compassion, enthusiasm, diligence, and good citizenship beyond the classroom or athletic field or for achieving their personal best by striving to overcome major obstacles. Sayville High School teachers and staff nominated these students for displaying positive conduct that has made a difference and provided the essential components for a successful High School Community.

    Assistant Principal Jillian Makris welcomed the Breakfast of Champions and their family members with choice words:

    “…these students aren’t here because of one solitary act that they have performed. They are here for their daily contributions. These are the students who truly help to make up the moral fabric of our school community. They’re driven by an innate set of values and they are always striving to be their best…not simply in school work or a grade on the transcript, but really in life as human beings.”

    After each staff personalized his or her appreciation for a particular recipient (see comments below), each student received a Breakfast of Champions certificate and plaque created with their portrait on a Wheaties Box background. 

    A satisfying breakfast, provided by Lovin’ Oven, completed the heartwarming ceremony.


    Amanda Barrera… Nominated by Lisa Gray
    I have never seen a student from another country be so well liked and so quickly accepted as has Amanda.  I know what Sayville High School sees: a very friendly, sweet, adorable, vivacious, happy and helpful friend!  Who could ask for more?  Oh, did I mention her terrific work ethic to learn French?!

    Julia Cameron…Nominated by Maria Brown
    Julia is one of the most soft spoken students I have, but her influence on the outcome of most circumstances is voluminous!  Her creativity, drive, passion and humility place her at the top of my list of students I have enjoyed working with over the past 15 years!

    Julia’s leadership skills, huge smile, warm and compassionate personality will be greatly missed next year when she attends college.  I wish her the best of luck and know she will be successful in any path she chooses in life.

    Trina Clarke…Nominated by Robin Laxton

    Trina is a student in my Creative Crafts class that stood out to me on the first day of school.  She has a sense of calmness about her.  She is always willing to try new things and always has a smile on her face while doing them.  Trina is the first to lend a helping hand when anyone needs it.  You can tell she has a passion for school, animals, family and friends.  Her work ethic should be commended and anyone who has a chance to be around her should be thankful.  It is with great honor and pleasure that I nominate Trina for Breakfast of Champions.

    Steven Christie ……..Nominated by Susan Hart
    New to Sayville this year, it is remarkable how Steven has acclimated to his new school environment.  Steven is no longer the quiet kid in the back of the class, but an active participant and vibrant addition to the class!  His sense of humor and mild manner has served him well.  I marvel at how Steven has taken responsibility for his schoolwork.  Although never resistant to guidance, Steve’s desire to take ownership of his studies is obvious.  He displays a level of maturity and independence to be commended.  I am so proud of the positive choices Steven has made.  Sayville High School is fortunate he is here!

    Gabriela Cortes……Nominated by Dawn Thelian
    Gabriela moved here from California in the middle of the school year and has worked very hard to adapt to a new school and new teachers.  She is a junior in AP Calculus and there were many topics that she never learned due to the move.  She has never once used this as an excuse.  She has been to tenth period to make up missed lessons and to work on test corrections to see where her mistakes were made.  Beyond this, she is an incredibly sweet and respectful young lady.  I can only imagine how hard a move in junior year would be and Gabby has made it look like a “piece of cake.”

    Alexander Davis…….Nominated by Douglas Shaw
    As Alex’s English teacher there is one thing I know about him, for certain.  Nothing makes him happier than doing well on a math test.  I know this because Alex’s enthusiasm for accomplishment and his desire to succeed are infectious.  Whether it is acing a Calculus test, racing his car, or even writing an essay for English, Alex always willingly and with a smile on his face puts forth his very best effort.  Though he probably does not realize it, Alexander is an important role model in the high school.  His positive attitude and diligence make him an exemplar for our younger students.  I wish him continued success in college.

    Joseph DeBonis……Nominated by Melissa Rizzo-Shore

    Joe is a fine young man with great character, leadership skills and intelligence.  As Vice-President of the Anchor Club, Joe is often the first to volunteer and never lets me down when he is asked to participate in an Anchor activity.  Both inside and outside of class, Joe is personable, funny and hard-working.  Joe DeBonis is a true champion and very deserving of this award!

    Victoria Ferremi…..Nominated by Amy Thomas
    Tori is an exceptional young lady.  She is one of the most mature students I have had the pleasure of teaching.  She regularly contributes to the class, and she displays a positive attitude under all circumstances.  I feel that Tori’s most admirable quality is her ability to see the best in others and to remain open-minded and considerate of others’ points of view.  Tori recently exceeded my expectations when she displayed her strength of character by standing up for a fellow student.  Tori leads by example, and she makes our school a better place by simply being who she is.  She works diligently 100% of the time, she never makes excuses, and she deserves to be recognized for her kindness, her persistence and her positive influence as a role model in our high school.

    Caitlin Flanagan…..Nominated by Alisa Kremer
     I have had Caitlin as a student in Global History and now my Psychology class.  Caitlin is such a sweet young lady.  Since ninth grade, Caitlin has possessed wonderful attributes.  She is caring, friendly, optimistic, conscientious, diligent, respectful and intelligent!  Caitlin always enters the room with a pretty smile and her positive presence is felt in the classroom.  I am fortunate to teach a student like Caitlin who genuinely wants to learn and appreciates her education.  Your parents did a terrific job raising such a sweet daughter.  Thank you Caitlin, for making my days at the high school a little brighter!

    Gianna Fraccalvieri………Nominated by Kristin Chirichella

    Gianna is a phenomenal student and a wonderful young lady.  Every day Gianna gives 110% in all that she does.  As a freshman, she is involved with clubs, sports, academic endeavors, as well as, volunteer work, and has been a magnificent addition to our High School.  She is extremely conscientious about everything she is responsible for, both in and out of the classroom.  She goes above and beyond always!

    What a joy to have a student who is such a leader in every sense of the word.  Whatever she does, she gives it her all, and does so with a beautiful smile!  She is exactly the type of student every teacher hopes they have the privilege of having during their career.  Her kindness and maturity are well beyond her years.  Gianna is a very special, unique young woman and is sure to continue to do amazing things throughout her life.

    Tiare Fridrich……….Nominated by Maria Brown
    Tiare is a delightful young lady who can brighten any room with her smile.  I have known Tiare since she was a freshman when she entered the RISE program.  She is humble, genuine and always puts her best effort into whatever project she is working on.  She always offers to help other students when needed, but is also open to asking for help as she needs it.  I am truly inspired by her determination, drive, passion, and the ability to identify where self-improvement is needed and move forward with it to achieve her personal goals.  I know Tiare will go on to do great things and inspire her professors as she inspired me!
    Abigail Good………..Nominated by Jennifer Stewart
    Throughout this school year Abby has shown me that she loves learning.  She always contributes during class lessons, volunteers to answer questions, asks great questions that benefit the entire class, and always completes her work.  Abby will always lend a helping hand to her peers by explaining an answer to a question rather than just giving an answer.

    Abby has worked as a peer tutor during tenth period volunteering her time and energy to classmates.  In addition, Abby has been a constant lab assistant to me by once again volunteering her time tenth period to set up or disassemble lab equipment. 

    Thank you, Abby, for your generous contributions and for exemplifying stellar character!
    p.s. Sea Turtles rule! 

    Christine Guinessey……….Nominated by Jennifer Berotti

    It is an absolute pleasure to have Christine as a student this year.  She is a talented artist and an invaluable member of National Art Honor Society.  The Every Child’s Dream event would not have looked as good as it did without her many hours of help.  She often came back after sports, and stayed late.  I want her to know that her dedication did not go unnoticed.  Christine is the type of rare student who just won’t stop until the job is done and done right!

    Shannon Haselton……..Nominated by Ari Kramer 
    Shannon is truly dedicated to all she does, and truly commits herself to everything she begins, delicately walking the tight rope between doing everything well, and spreading herself too thin.  Shannon, maybe not by luck, has done everything well.  Besides Shannon’s talents, which we could discuss at length, Shannon is selfless.  She asks for help when she needs it (never embarrassed by not knowing something).  She gives help when asked (as she is not too proud to share).  She strives for perfection.  She strives for “perfect practice.”  I am humbled by Shannon’s quiet greatness.  Her refusal to think she has “mastered” something does not speak to self-loathing, but self-worth.  Her character is what made her this way, and the reason I have nominated her for this prestigious honor. 

    Liam Hofmeister………..Nominated by Sally Stoll-DePompeo             

    Liam is a true gentleman and good overall citizen of the world.  I feel much better about the future, knowing people like Liam roam amongst us and care.  Thank you!

    Alex Jones………..Nominated by Bryan Coon
    Alex is one of my best students.  During the Computer Maintenance class this year Alex assisted other students during the computer assembly and computer troubleshooting labs.  He easily relates to his peers and demonstrates all the traits of a caring and considerate person.  I am fortunate to have him as a student in my class this year.

    Quinn Mattia……….Nominated by Jennifer Sohl

    Possessing a positively good spirit, Quinn reminds me every day why each student deserves a second chance.  His resiliency, vivaciousness and benevolence to everyone he encounters encapsulates why he is deserving of the award of Breakfast of Champions.  Though Quinn is never short of a charming smile and boisterous spirit, don’t let his toothy grin fool you.  He is a thinker and observer.  I am most impressed by his integrity to admit his faults, to accept others and to simply do the right thing.

    Samantha Mayo…..Nominated by Jennifer Sohl

    Samantha is one of the hardest working students I know.  Through her indefatigable effort, steadfast attention and independent questioning, she embodies the image of an active and genuinely interested learner.  Her thoughtful approach to her learning inspires me.

    Most impressive about Samantha is her commitment to her principles and her confidence in who she is. 

    Maxwell Parrott..…Nominated by Cindy Giannico and Rose Janke
    Maxwell is by far one of the most hardworking students we have had.  His high level of interest and work ethic are reflected in his commendable grades.  He always comes into the classroom with a “hello” and never leaves without saying “goodbye” and “thank you.”  His quiet unassuming way is a characteristic that makes him a champion.

    Angela Szeglin……Nominated by Colleen Backer
    Angela is a remarkable young woman.  Angela moved to the United States from the Ukraine and has worked tirelessly to earn an impressive academic record.  She is conscientious and focused.  As an involved student, Angela balances the demands of her rigorous academic schedule and extracurricular activities with ease.  Angela seems to have boundless energy and an incredibly positive outlook.  She is not only an accomplished student and athlete, she is a caring family member and friend.  Angela has a wonderful sense of humor and is always kind and compassionate.
    Calista Tomasetti………..Nominated by Jennifer Wittman
    I have the pleasure of having Calista in my Physical Education class this year.  She is an extremely mature, kind and positive young lady, who is an absolute standout in a PE class of over 120 students and she is only a freshman!  Calista excels in the classroom (100% average) and she dives for our Varsity Swimming Team.  Likewise, she is a member of Athletes Helping Others as well as the Select Orchestra.  Calista is a role model to her classmates, as she always strives to do what is right, even when it may not be the “popular” choice.  She is an uplifting and cheerful young woman and in all aspects of her life, a true champion!


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