National Honor Society

  • Sayville High School’s NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Inducted 80

    Eighty Sayville High School students, who maintained a 94.5 weighted average throughout their High School careers as well as demonstrated the attributes of scholarship, leadership, character, and service throughout their various co-curricula and extra-curricula activities, were inducted into the National Honor Society this spring.

    Founded in 1953 upon the principle that “true education creates a well rounded individual,” membership into the August E. Hubel Chapter National Honor Society may have scholarship as the first criteria, but each of the Sayville candidates’ applications had to pass the rigorous examination for examples of leadership, character, and service in order to qualify for induction.

    Opening the ceremony, NHS Faculty Advisor Kevin Recker, welcomed, thanked and applauded the parents for their supportive roles while acknowledging the tremendous achievements of the young men and women.

    During the assembly, Principal Ron Hoffer addressed the members and their families, stating: “Sayville High School confers no higher academic honor on a student body than membership into this remarkable organization…. In addition, we look for individuals who have integrity, honor, and take pride in what they represent. We are pleased to announce that the inductees here have met, and in many cases, far exceed these criteria.”

    After thanking the parents for serving as the role models for the “outstanding and remarkable group of young adults,” Mr. Hoffer also acknowledged the “commitment and dedication” of the Superintendent, Central Administrators, Board of Education, High School faculty, and staff. “We are very fortunate to have their tremendous amount of support and leadership… Without this collegial spirit, we would not be able to provide our students with the quality of programs that we offer here, year after year.”

    To put his message of striving for excellence in perspective, Mr. Hoffer shared the results of the 40-year longitudinal study by Dr. Douglas Heath, psychologist at Haverford College, in which Dr. Heath examined what was the greatest predictor of success in adult life. “What he found was,” Mr. Hoffer said, “participation in ‘activity-based activities,’” i.e., involvement in extra-curricula and co-curricula activities would likely continue throughout life and lead to genuine success in the future.


    Class of 2014 outgoing President Sabrina Mayrose;  Class of 2015 Nick Cowan

    Class of 2014 outgoing Vice President Nicole DelGaudio;  Class of 2015 Michaela Conlon  and  Emily Faughnan

    Class of 2014 outgoing Treasurer Richard Salloum; Class of 2015 Phil Maehr

    Class of 2014 outgoing Secretary Erin MacDonell;  Class of 2015 Erin Koehler

    Class of 2014 outgoing Historian Jill Mediatore;  Class of 2015  Emma Prokesch



    1.       Molly Andrews                    

    2.       Matthew Bavaro

    3.       Paul Bevilacqua

    4.       Shannon Bohman

    5.       Marielle Borzello

    6.       Autumn Bradley

    7.       Lucas Brennan

    8.       Morgan Cannini

    9.       Samantha Cascardo

    10.    Lauren Colavito

    11.    Michaela Conlon

    12.    Gabriela Cortes

    13.    Timothy Costorf

    14.    Nicholas Cowan

    15.    Joseph Cunningham

    16.    Brianna D’Amico

    17.    Mubashra Dawood

    18.    Mariana Dominguez

    19.    Thomas Esposito-Kelley

    20.     Emily Faughnan

    21.    Gianna Fazio

    22.    Dalen Ferreira

    23.    Shannan Flanagan

    24.    Christopher Gale

    25.    Scott Giammatteo

    26.    Kaitlyn Gibbons

    27.    Zoe Gomes

    28.    Owen Guinessey

    29.    Erin Gunther

    30.    Meghan Gunther

    31.    Liam Haber

    32.    Erin Herbst

    33.    Kara Intermesoli

    34.    Alyssa Jackson

    35.    Julianne Johnston

    36.    Demitrios Kalomiris

    37.    Ryan Kelly

    38.    Jessica Klassert

    39.    Erin Koehler

    40.    Adam Laterza

    41.    Palmer Lauri

    42.    Victoria Leyboldt

    43.    Tara Litvin

    44.    Alyssa Lofaro

    45.    Erin MacDevitt

    46.    Philip Maehr

    47.    Julie Marro

    48.    Nicholas Medile

    49.    Colleen Montemagno

    50.    Allison Murphy

    51.    Kevin Murphy

    52.    Daniel Murphy

    53.    Ruth Murray-Coppolone

    54.    Chelsey Nadler

    55.    Lauren Nicholson

    56.    Kevin O’Halloran

    57.    Justine Odierna

    58.    Shreeya Panigrahi

    59.    Dana Passin

    60.    Nicole Pelletier

    61.    Emma Philbin

    62.    Emma Prokesch

    63.    Ryan Rattazzi 

    64.    Bridget Read

    65.    Kimberly Redka

    66.    Jessica Reilly

    67.    Tara Rini

    68.    Emma Schrader

    69.    Rebecca Seeba

    70.    Anna Smith

    71.    Alex Sneddon

    72.    Brian Sputh

    73.    Kyle Steck

    74.    Jake Vail

    75.    Anthony Vetere

    76.    Anthony Virga

    77.    Brian Walsh

    78.    Sarah Walsh

    79.    Zachary Yale

    80.    Jordan Zanetti

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