Matt Wins With Highest Portfolio

  • Wall Street Madness?

    Not for Matt Laskowitz


    Last year in Mr. Chad Cross’ Wall Street: Business and Investments class, sophomore Matthew Laskowitz participated with classmates in The Stock Market Game that was part of the curriculum offering where he got a taste for investment strategies. This year on his own, Matt developed a real talent.

    While Matt is currently a student in Mr. Cross’s Accounting Class, he inquired if he could register again this year for The Stock Market Game. Mr. Cross agreed.  “He played on his own time, did his own research, and met with me when he needed advice.” Mr. Cross explained.  Matt was doing so well,” Mr. Cross admitted, “I would advise him to make his own decisions with regard to his investments.”


    In The Stock Market Game, each team of students is given $100,000 to invest over 10 weeks. According to their website:

     Through The Stock Market Game (SMG), you will gain a fundamental understanding of investing and how you might get your money to work for you.

    The Stock Market Game will also help you do better in school. When you participate in The Stock Market Game, you are in a real-world situation where you practice the content and skills you’re taught in math, English Language Arts, economics, social studies, and other school subjects. Most importantly, The Stock Market Game will help you develop positive money habits and prepare you for your future.


    When Mr. Cross received the following message: “The SIFMA Foundation is pleased to announce that one of your teams placed first in The Stock Market Game’s High School – Suffolk East division of the Spring 10 week session,” Mr. Cross discovered it was a one-man TEAM, Sayville High School Junior Matthew Laskowitz.

    With the highest portfolio in the New York State (first out of 3,901)  and the regional's (first out of 338) [see full rankings below], Matt's final portfolio valued at $120,699.27 at the end of 10 weeks. 

    At one point during the game, his portfolio value was over $138,000. His investments included. Plug Power Inc., Apple, Dunkin' Donuts, Kristpy Kreme, Caterpillar, Walt Disney Co., Tim Hortons Inc., Knightsbridge Tankers Limited, and Tesla Motors, Inc.  The one company that real set him apart from his competition was Power Plug Inc.

    First Place winner Matt will be honored on June 4th at Molloy College in Rockville Centre; Congratulations!

    Matthew's Team Rankings:

    Region :                             1 out of 338

    Coordinator :                    1 out of 1299

    State :                                 1 out of 3901