Spreading the Word Finds Support in Sayville

  • “Spreading The Word”

    Gets Great Support in Sayville


    Over forty members of the Sayville High School’s Athlete Helping Others (AHO) club attended the recent Special Olympics track and field event held this year at Commack High School to encourage four of their own AHO members.


    “Ashley D., Logan H., Reginald E., and Kaitlyn F. all participated in the games,” explained AHO Advisor Suzanne Hoss who registered the AHO Athletes for the Special Olympics and organized a team of supporters to cheer them during their events. “It was the first time for Reggie and Kaitlyn.  They all ran the 50-meter dash.  Reggie, Kaitlyn, and Ashley ran the 100-meter, and Logan did the shot put –in which he won gold! “  


    Earlier in the week, Athletes Helping Others ran a national campaign “Spread the Word to End the WORD” to bring awareness to the hurtful use of the colloquial “R word” that dehumanizes individuals with intellectual disabilities. At the sign-up table, while they fundraised for Special Olympics programs, AHO members requested students pledge to avoid using the offensive word.


    During the recent Special Olympics event, Mrs. Hoss reported that the Sayville students “all medaled in the games,” concluding:  “It was a great day and the members of AHO were a great support to their classmates who participated!”