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Eager Readers at Sunrise

  • Eager Readers

    Benefit from Book Club

    At Sunrise

    Some lucky students at Sunrise Drive participated in an evening Book Club with their families. While space was limited in each of the four groups (K-1, 2-3, 4-5, and a 3-5), students who were interested were chosen by a lottery that ensured each group was filled to capacity. These students along with their parents were preassigned titles to read so they could be ready for discussion.

    For the youngest readers, Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Gavan read and discussed two books by Patricia Polacco; Some Birthday and My Rotten Redhead Older Brother. Kindergartener Sara Stewart agreed with her mom, Susan, who said, “We enjoyed the opportunity to read and discuss not only great stories, but also celebrate a great author.”

    The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling was the title of the Second /Third grade selection which Mrs. Suprenant shared with the club. “I thought the book was funny” said Second-grader Jordan Lucke, “and I liked reading with my dad.” Second-grader Ella Holt added. “It was cool to be with other people to talk about a book. My mom and I both loved the book, and we made predictions together about what was going to happen. ” Logan Lessing gave his Second-grader's perspective about the Book Club format. “I liked talking about the book because I had a lot of interesting questions and I enjoyed hearing other people’s answers.”

    The Fourth to Fifth-graders had two Book Club Options. They could either talk about the selection of A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park with Mrs. Norman and Mr. Paniccia, or in another group, moderated by Mrs. Dieterle that also incorporated Third Grade readers, they could discuss several Discover the World books from the Sleeping Bear Press series.

    Holding the Book Club was as much a topic of discussion as the books themselves. “I thought the book club was a really good idea,” remarked Sara Murphy, Fifth-grader. “I really liked the book we read and how at the end we came together and talked about it.”

    Afterwards, many other students were glad to share their insights; Fifth-grader Brandon Meserve thought, “It was fun and I liked talking to other people about the same series of books;” while Fourth-grader Yirdaw Rivera admitted, “I always want to talk about books I read with other people who read the same book, but I don’t always have the chance to. This gave me the chance to do that.” Agreeing was Fourth Grader Alayna Pavo who added, “It was a chance to share your perspective and what you thought.”

    Thanks to both the classroom teachers, who moderated the age-specific groups, and the Site-Based Team initiative that launched the activity, the Book Club was an enormous success.  

    “I liked the book club a lot,” observed Fifth-grader Diana Raden, “because it was the first one I’ve ever been to. I usually just read a book and go on to another, but when I heard about my school having a book club, I was very interested.” 

    With such positive feedback from extremely satisfied students and parents yearning for more opportunities, the Sunrise Drive community is sure to see another Book Club in the future.


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