Math Lessons Demonstrate the Hazards of Texting while Driving


    Although Sayville Middle School students don’t drive yet, learning the hazards of texting while driving is an excellent lesson to learn early. And thanks to a two-day activity with Middle School Math teacher Kellie Lindskog, math classes used technology to access the subscribed website: mathalicious.com,  yielding unmistakable proof about this health and safety topic—talk about interrelating subjects in an interdisciplinary fashion!


    The math students watched short videos, entitled It Can Wait and another, Teen: Texting, driving ‘not worth your life’  (see links below) about an actual teen who underwent 29 operations  to recover from a near-fatal car accident caused by texting.   


    With the images of these videos fresh in their memories, the students were asked to calculate the distance covered with the duration of distractions while driving. “We used ratios and proportions to convert miles-per-hour to feet-per-second,” Ms. Lindskog explained.  “We timed the students texting a message to a dummy cellphone number (which generated an automated response), that Joe Skidmore had set up,  then talked about how far they would go during the time it would take them to text a message if they were behind the wheel.”


    It was a revelation to the students; one can only hope it will remain with them to ensure their long and healthy lives!



    “it can wait” video clip by A T & T


    Other text / drive videos