Golfer Goes to Augusta

  • Sean Haselton:

    Eighth-grade Golfer Goes to Augusta

    On April 6th, Sayville’s  Eighth-grader Golfer, Sean Haselton will be competing in a free golf-skills competition, sponsored by the Masters, USGA, and PGA of America to promote junior golf, called the "Drive, Chip, and Putt Championship."

    This past summer, Sean was actually the only New Yorker who won the PGA Metropolitan Section at the regional level in his age group (boys 12-13). Sean will now compete against ten other golfers in his division from the country. This event will be at the same course where the "Masters" will be held, Augusta National in Georgia later that week.

     “The putting part of the competition will actually be on the famous 18th green. Also, with winning at the regional level, Sean gets to watch a practice round of the pro's the Monday after his event.” Sean’s parents, Eileen and Dan, explained. “This weekend, the U.S.G.A. (United States Golf Assoc.) is sending a photojournalist to do a photo essay of Sean preparing for the event. (He is camera shy too!) In addition, a writer called from the U.S.G.A. and did a phone interview with him. (Great also for developing his speaking skills!)”

    While the competition will be televised on the Golf Channel on Sunday, April 6th beginning  at 8 a.m., Sean's age group is scheduled for 10a.m.

    “Sean has a great attitude about the event,” his parents added. Sean admits. “Who cares what place I come in! I'm just happy be at the historical Augusta National Golf Club, a once in a life time experience!"

    Good luck, Sean!

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