Meeting Senator Boyle

  • Select Sayville Students Talk Common Core with Senator Phil Boyle

    Upon the Senator’s request, high school and middle school students who were willing and able to speak about Common Core from their perspectives were invited to share a dialogue with Senator Boyle in a Student Focus Group. During the Focus Group meeting held at SCCC, Brentwood campus, Senator Boyle listened to the students’ points of view as they shared how the implementation of the Common Core was affecting them and their educational programs

    Sayville sent three students to participate in the Focus Group. Two High School students, Dalen Ferreira and Nicole Farese, and one Middle School, student Philip Rinaldi, chose to participate, letting their voices join students from other districts.

    Senator Boyle’s Communication Director, Christine Geed, sent a letter to the school principals thanking the students for agreeing to participate in the Focus Group. “The students engaged in very honest, forthright conversation, and we appreciate their candor. Trust that the Senator will be taking their thoughts and comments to the floor of the Legislature to share with his colleagues as the specifics of the Common Core Learning Standards are discussed and debated.”

    Ms. Geed also added, “We hope that you will allow the students of the Sayville School District to participate again in the future on issues that directly impact them.  We will be in touch when new topics are selected.”

    Thank you, Dalen, Nicole, and Philip, for representing Sayville Schools in this important meeting.