Star quality was on display at the Cherry Avenue Third Grade Oscar Awards ceremony where “glamorous and dashing celebrities” were recognized for their true talents.

    Making their red-carpet entrance into the auditorium, the nominees took center stage for an adorable performance of “Enjoy the Show” by Mike Wilson, directed by their energetic music teacher, Kristi Woerner.

    After, Hostess of Ceremonies Mrs. Geraldine Batterberry enumerated all the responsibilities these hardworking Third-graders accomplished during the school day (“with barely enough time for a 10-minute snack”), including preparation for the Wax Museum and a song for the Oscar show. The success of their efforts undoubtedly made them all “Oscar worthy” for which the ceremony would recognize each student with specific awards. Academy” Assistants, Mrs. Andria Flynn and Mrs. Karen Donnelly, accessorized in splendid feathered boas, distributed the statuettes to each winner called to the stage.  

    Starting with administrative awards for Assistant Superintendent (and former Cherry Principal) Dr. John Stimmel, Cherry Avenue Principal Dr. Lisa Ihne, and Musical Director Kristi Woerner, the presentation continued with the naming of categories and the student winners (see below).

    Standing center stage, the actors and actresses expressed their “shock, surprise, and gratitude” in their acceptance speeches that thanked family, friends and teachers.

    It all seemed great fun, but the actual purpose of the Cherry Avenue Oscars was to promote public speaking and help the students develop a sense of self-esteem, thereby fulfilling the New York State Standards for public speaking.

    By the conclusion of the ceremony, Hostess of Ceremonies had delivered enough corny jokes that had everyone groaning with laughter, and each radiant star wore a pleased look while clutching a shining statue. At that moment, it was not too difficult to imagine the voice of Sally Field in the background: “You like me, you really like me!”

    Oscar Winners 2014 Batterberry

    Best Screenplay (Writing)

    Benny Sands                                                     Madison Anderson


    Leading Lady (Sets a good example)

    Calla Kollar                                                  Abigail Noack


    Best Set Design: (Art)

    Mia Kassman, Charlie Strittmatter, Luke Lundquist and Mia Kassman


    Math Action Star: Owen Parrott,

     Noah Tloczkowski,Joey Byrne


    Outstanding Behavior: Kendall Squicciarini,

    Robert Walker


    Best Supporting Speller: Evan McGlinchey,

    Olivia Redden, Evan Carman, Dylan Treco


    Best Leading Attitude: Adriana Savino, Kylie Hanna


    Best Director: (Reading) Amanda Kleinman,

    Alex Lepping  


    Best Script: (Handwriting) Juliet Tunney


    Leading Man (Sets a good example)

    Michael Pitre                                               Sean Connolly

    Shane Sukow


    Director’s Asstistant: (great helper)

    Abby O’Connell




    Oscar Winners 2014     Flynn


    Best Leading Attitude:

    Jackie McDonnell

    Jackson Tomforde

    Nick Rampulla


    Outstanding Behavior:

    Kyle Panasuk

    April Gidden



    Best Set Design:

    Chris Mulligan

    Jake Engel



    Best Supporting Speller:

    Shannon Feather

    Riley Lapine

    Math Action Star:

    Brendan Cameron

    George Wessels

    Ryan Hillery


    Best Script

    Erin Reilly

    Marina Pattilio


    Leading Man:

    Michael Milo

    Patrick Lipari


    Director's Assistant

    Ava Leach

    Kyla Kelsey-Jones

    Aidan Minasian


    Best Screenplay

    Ben Flaumenhaft

    Daniel Connestro


    Leading Lady:

    Lauren Gosse

    Ava Niggemeier

    Emma Haas


    Best Director:

    Isabel Egan

    Asher DeVerna

    Erica Dookram

     Oscar Winners 2014 Donnelly

    Best Screenplay (Writing)

    Sasha Gagnon

    Julia Lynch                                                   


    Leading Lady (Sets a good example)                                        

    Julia Arato

    Olivia Henke


    Best Set Design: (Art)

    Green Risner

    Colin Stagg


    Math Action Star:

    Rajan Munk

    Gavin Noone

    James Miller


    Outstanding Behavior

    Ava Gustafson

    Jordan Carpentieri


    Best Supporting Speller:

    Noah Ryan

    George Vadyak


    Best Leading Attitude

    Robert Desjardins

    Jason Frontino

    Emily Langhan


    Best Director: (Reading)

    Robby Sinacori

    Reid Smith


    Best Script: (Handwriting)

    Griffin Perez

    Emily Kroll


    Leading Man (Sets a good example)

    Sam Fiore

    Owen Burke

    Griffin Riggins


    Director’s Assistant: (great helper)

    Sophie Connor

    Lauren Minasian

    Kylie Corrao