Wax Museums at Open House

  • Open-House Visitors Attend Third-grade Wax Museum

    Fulfilling the Third-grade Biography Unit of Study that required research and writing about notable historical figures, the Third-grade students at Cherry Avenue explored a realm of nonfiction personalities for their annual Wax Museum. Appearing this year were such famous faces as Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Shirley Temple, Buzz Aldrin, Lou Gehrig, George Washington, Jane Goodall, Babe Ruth, Steve Jobs, Tiger Woods, Elvis Presley, Helen Keller, Benjamin Franklin, and even Duchess Kate Middleton with her new son Prince George Mountbatten-Windsor.

    Students in Mrs. Andria Flynn's class admitted, “It was a lot of hard work but it was worth all of the effort.... We learned about our famous person and had fun doing it.”

    After much research and writing about their subjects, the students would have to embody the personalities in dress and posture for the Wax Museum visitors who would be coming to review the amazing collection. The students relished their roles with enthusiasm.

     In Mrs. Karen Donnelly’s Class, students gave voice to their experiences:  “It was really fun to learn about Coco Chanel, and other famous people around the world.” (Ava Gustafson);  “It was great to learn about my character, Juliette Low, the Founder of Girl Scouts, because I am a Girl Scout, and I love Girl Scouts.” (Lauren Minasian);  “It was fun to learn about Albert Einstein.  He was smart and creative.” (Sam Fiore);  “It was an awesome experience to do the Wax Museum in third grade.  I learned things about Shirley Temple that I never would have known if I didn't do so much research.” (Olivia Henke)

    Mrs. Geraldine Batterberry acknowledged the efforts of the parents who “did a phenomenal job creating costumes to look like the person their child researched.  The children did an even better job writing and memorizing their speeches. Every student really stepped up and rose to the occasion... I was SO proud of each and every one of them!  For many, this was their very first public-speaking event, and to say I was impressed is an UNDERSTATEMENT!  Well done 3B!”

    During Cherry Avenues Open House night, parents were treated to delightful presentations of students, dressed in appropriate costumes, who were ‘waxing’ authorities on assorted dignitaries, politicians, celebrities, inventors, scientists, writers, artists, and humanitarians.

    Congratulations to all for an outstanding job!