For United Nations Work

    While global issues are forefront in our news, it is also good to know that some students, as members of Sayville High School’s newest club, Model United Nations, have them foremost in their focus.

    Recently, eleven students from Sayville’ Model United Nations Club, along with faculty advisors, Sabine Loriston and LynnAnn Perlin, participated in Hofstra University’s Model United Nations Conference. The students and advisors spent “three days discussing global issues with high schools from around New York,” Ms. Perlin explained, “and writing possible resolutions to some of the toughest problems afflicting our planet today.”

    According to their website, “The Hofstra University Model United Nations Conference is a simulation that allows students to come together and discuss international affairs. In particular, our conference is aimed at providing students with information about the international political agenda, particularly the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. High school student participants will hone their debate skills and network among like-minded students.

    During this year’s conference, the Sayville students worked in committees on specific topics and gained great insights about the day-to-day operations at the United Nations from such speakers as Joshua Black, Chief of Sanctions and Counterterrorism US Mission to the United Nations, and Jelena Pia-Comella, Director of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court.

    The advisors were very proud of their first venture with the Model United Nations Conference. Every Club member put great effort into preparing for this event and some Sayville students even received commendations for their excellent participation at the Conference. “Four of our students” Ms. Perlin added, “were given verbal commendations for their outstanding committee work during the weekend. Congratulations to Gena Mizzi (9th grade), Emma Prokesch (11th grade), Liam Haber (11th grade), and Sean Lorthioir (12th grade).

    With the success of their first conference, the Model Union Club members and advisors are looking forward to many opportunities to grow and develop their club.