Singing for New York Lottery

  • Throwing in Their Lot

    by Singing


    The Sayville Lincoln Singers (Fourth and Fifth graders directed by music teacher Christine Cirillo) got on board with the New York Sing Contest by singing  Thank You for Being a Friend, videotaping it, and  submitting it before the March 2nd deadline. The contest invites groups to  “Turn music into money for schools by entering New York Sings with the New York Lottery.”

    "With the encouragement of Dr. LeBlanc to participate," Mrs. Cirillo explained, "the kids worked their tails off on some extra rehearsals to learn a four-part a cappella arrangement of Thank You for Being A Friend and entered themselves into the NY Lottery New York Sings sweepstakes.  The grand prize is $10,000 for their music program, and you can only imagine the requests they are making to purchase with their winnings.  However, if you could've seen their faces after the last video take, it wasn't about the money anymore.  It was about stepping outside their comfort zone and being successful.  They were screaming with delight, and running in for a group hug, as well as hugs with kids all around.  It was a tear-filled moment for me, as well as some of them.  It's not about the money anymore."

    From all the video submissions, some will be selected as finalists, and then the contest really begins.  Schools, families and friends will have to put it to a vote for the winner.  $10,000 is first prize, $5,000 is second prize, and $2,500 if third prize.

    "We may, or may not have the winning video," Mrs. Cirillo admitted,  "but I am SO proud of them.  They feel like $10,000 already (a least for the next two weeks until the results are announced)!"

    Good luck, Lincoln Singers!

    For a preview, click on the link.