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Career Days Offer Insights

  • Career Days Offer Students Insight into Different Jobs

    As part of the collaboration between the Learning for Life Program and the Transition Program in the Sayville Public Schools, students have been attending monthly Career Days at the Middle School and High School and interacting with visiting speakers.

    So far this year, guests who have shared their work and life experiences included a veterinary technician and an emergency planning aide.

    This month, Career Day welcomed MTA Police Officers John Matarazzo and Tom Merkel who talked about their careers as well as the MTA Safety Program. During their presentations, many students expressed great interest in the MTA and related fields.

    With monthly Career Days, students become aware of the variety of existing jobs. They gain insights into job responsibilities so they can make more realistic choices when it comes to career planning. The program also helps students understand why they would need a job, their commitments while employed, and even requirements such as certifications and diplomas for attaining their desired job. With Career Day, every student learns from experienced personnel the importance of making mature and ethical decisions and dealing responsibly with their decisions.

    “Career Days can be an exciting day for our students,” explained Claire Rymer, Transition Coordinator at Sayville Public Schools. “They learn a lot about careers and jobs and may even discover something that makes them think a little about their future. But the best outcome of career day is when the student comes home excited about the possibilities.”

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