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Fall 2013 Breakfast of Champions

  • Sayville Traditional Breakfast
    of Champs:
    A Positive Experience

    The Fall 2013 Breakfast of Champions ceremony gathered Sayville Administrators, Faculty, Staff, and relatives to honor twenty select Sayville High School students for their outstanding character and conduct.

    Presiding over the ceremony, Assistant Principal Jillian Makris addressed the students and guests with words of appreciation, commending the nominees for doing the right thing and their families for their support. “Strong families make a strong community,” she said, quoting her father’s advice which seemed true in the Sayville High School community. The twenty Sayville students were championed for their good character and singled out for demonstrating qualities of kindness, motivation, compassion, enthusiasm, diligence, and good citizenship beyond the classroom or athletic field or for achieving their personal best by striving to overcome major obstacles. Their positive conduct, as observed by the Sayville High School teachers and staff who nominated them, has made a difference and provided the essential components that contribute to a successful High School Community.

    Mrs. Makris invited the nominating staff members to address all the guests by reading from their prepared certificates (see About the Nominees below) or speaking “from the heart,” prior to presenting their nominees with certificates.

    After the honorees received their Breakfast of Champion plaques (created by the Art and Technology Department), they all enjoyed a sumptuous hot breakfast generously prepared by Lovin’Oven. A positive way to begin the morning, both the good food and the great feelings made the Breakfast memorable.

    Congratulations to:

    Megan Ali
    Colin Anderson
    Rachel Aronson
    Michael Coan
    Kelsey Dargis
    Diana Ferretti
    Erin Gunther
    Dara Hofmann
    Ryan Kelly
    Alexa Levin
    Emily Llewellyn
    Matthew McGrath
    James McKeon
    Melanie McNeill
    Susan Mangaluz
    Dylan Nicholson
    Amanda Pacholik
    Andrew Pilon
    Wyatt Pressler
    Zachary Rosario

About the Nominees

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