Warm Feeling Donating Blankets

  • A Heartwarming Feeling Donating Blankets

    Addressing the hardships of other children who might be cold or in need became the holiday mission of this year’s Cherry Avenue Student Council. To accomplish this, the students teamed up with Project Linus, a nonprofit organization that provides homemade blankets for children.

    As they have been doing every other Monday since September, approximately sixty dedicated Student Council Fourth- and Fifth-grade boys and girls volunteered their mornings, beginning as early as 8:00 a.m., to make their community and school a better place. With teacher advisors Susan Metzler, Jennifer Fee, and Jeanette Georges, the students already worked on projects “that positively affect Sayville, neighboring towns and their school,” Mrs. Jeanette Georges said. “So far this year, the students have helped decorate and sort items for our troops overseas, write cards to Veterans, and decorate ornaments for the school’s giving tree.”

    On a chosen day in December, Mrs. Fee arranged all the blankets and supplies for the Student Council in the gymnasium. When the students arrived, they collaborated on the task to make fringes for the fleece blankets. While Fifth-grader Luca DeStefano helped his younger peers knot the fringe on his snowman themed fleece blanket, Fourth-grader Abbey White shared a common sentiment, “We are so lucky, to be healthy and have all we need. I hope this blanket cheers up a child who isn’t feeling well!”

    Mrs. Metzler and Mrs. Georges agreed, “This project has allowed the students to work together and appreciate all that they have in the process!” Mrs. Georges added, “They enjoyed the project knowing that it will help children feel cozy during the holidays.”

    When they were done, the Cherry Avenue “Blanketeers” imagined their blankets providing warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or in need. After the blankets were dropped off at an Oakdale location for delivery to local hospitals and shelters, the students wondered when they might hear from Project Linus in January, to find out exactly where their hard work found a home for the holidays.