History Club Treats Veterans to Breakfast

  • Sayville History Club Celebrates Veterans With New Tradition

    Sayville’s History Club has created a wonderful tradition of interacting with our armed-forces veterans throughout the year. As a way of giving back, the club members usually volunteer their services at the VFW Post 433 on Lakeland Avenue for a Holiday Luncheon in December and a Veterans’ barbecue in June.  These events have instilled in the students an appreciation for the sacrifices made by many who have paid the price for our freedoms.

    This year, student members and History Club moderators Sue Hart and Mike Pace launched an inaugural event—a Breakfast for Veterans—in the High School Senior Lounge that, for the occasion, was specifically decorated with flowers and balloons in patriotic colors.

    Before breaking the fast with the assorted fare on the buffet table, the guest Veterans introduced themselves one-by-one and explained their service histories to the student members. After the Pledge of Allegiance, everyone was treated to an impressive musical performance by History Club member Sean Barry, who not only played the bagpipes but was attired in traditional kilt.

    The History Club members demonstrated both great respect when listening to the Veterans and genuine enthusiasm as they engaged in conversations while sharing in the delicious breakfast.

    At the conclusion of the celebration, and on behalf of the History Club, President Sean Lorthioir expressed his gratitude for their service and sacrifices. Sean also called Veteran Joan Fiore forward to receive the Certificate of Appreciation from the History Club. Ms. Fiore thanked and acknowledge the History Club, “You have no idea,” she said, “how important your presence and involvement at our Holiday Luncheon and Barbecue is for hospitalized Veterans…it helps them to know they are not forgotten.”

    Anticipating the upcoming Luncheon, Sean Lorthioir also gave Ms. Fiore a gift bag. “We know how much the veterans like to play scratchoff, so we have $200 worth of scratchoffs as a gift….” The veterans applauded and laughed at the generosity and thoughtfulness.

    Ending the activity, Shannon Wisseman recited the poem Thank You, Veterans, written by Jamie Badour, and Sean Barry played Yankee Doodle Dandy on the bagpipes.

    Mrs. Hart and Mr. Pace were extremely pleased with the spirit of camaraderie between the students and Veterans and look forward to more encounters throughout the year.