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LI Tech Summit Awards Barbara Hall

  • (LI Tech Summit photos courtesy Nancy Lenz,ESBOCES)

    Sayville’s Coordinator of Instructional Technology

    Barbara Hall

    Honored with the 2013

    Fred Podolski Administrator Award  

    At the Long Island Tech Summit 2013

    Long Island BOCES created the Podolski awards in 2011 after the passing of Mr. Fred Podolski, Executive Director at Nassau BOCES. This annual award honors one teacher and one administrator nominated by educators from both Nassau and Suffolk Counties. The winning teacher demonstrated creative, resourceful uses of technology that significantly impact student achievement; The winning administrator took a visionary role in the implementation of technology, demonstrated a commitment to serve the educational needs of students, and provided support to teachers.

    Congratulations to Barbara Hall for receiving this significant Administrator Award at the recent Long Island Technology Summit. Since joining Sayville Public Schools in 2007 as Coordinator, Ms. Hall has designed, coordinated, supported, and supervised a wide-range of educational aspects of instructional technology. Through Ms. Hall’s efforts, both students and teachers have been empowered by consistent, relevant, and equitable experiences with diverse instructional deliveries that are preparing them for college and career-ready goals in the 21st-century.

    Barbara Hall began her career in education working as an educational instructional specialist for IBM back in 1992 when districts were beginning to install token ring networks in their buildings to support local area networks while integrating IBM’s TLC model, Teaching and Learning with Computers. A few years later, she was hired as a teacher by the Kings Park School District. This district was one of the IBM Districts she had conducted extensive teacher training on how to successfully integrate technology into curriculum and instruction. She taught kindergarten and sixth grade there as well as many in-service courses for teachers revolving around the integration of instructional technology.

    In 1999, Ms. Hall began to work as an Instructional Technology Chairperson for the William Floyd School District. During her tenor there, she had the opportunity to lead a large Instructional Technology department. She had the experience of designing, building, and implementing an instructional technology program, district wide, from scratch. This opportunity provided her the ability to establish an effective staff development program as well as a network infrastructure design that promoted future technological growth for the District.

    Sayville is very proud of our Instructional Technology Program, thanks to Ms. Hall and the invaluable support from the Sayville Board of Education, District-wide administrators, teachers, parents, our Model Schools technology integration specialists, and District-wide technical support staff, under the direction of Mr. Will Seus, all who work behind the scenes to make this program successful for our students.

    Click on the video to view some of these Instructional Technology programs initiated by Ms. Hall that have been utilized in Sayville Schools.

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