In the Loop with Ms. Philp

  • In the Loop

    with Ms. Philp and Her SECOND Graders

    Feeling fortunate about “looping”* with her First Graders into Second Grade this year, Sunrise Drive teacher Ms. Denise Philp found a symbolic way to express her gratitude by just looking out her classroom window.

    Ms. Philp noticed that the trellises built outside her classroom were in need of vines to “loop” through them.

    “It was a perfect activity for my ‘looping class’ to kick off the year,” Ms.  Philp remarked. So she and her class explored species of vines that would “loop and grow” outside the classroom as the kids would “loop and grow” inside the classroom. 

    In early October, Ms. Philp and her students, along with some parents who gave their assistance, dug, raked, watered, and threaded vines through the trellises.

     “The kids got dirty and loved it as they cooperatively planted mums and trumpet vines along five trellises,” said Ms. Philp. “Come visit our courtyard for an afternoon reading session where you can enjoy the beauty of our freshly planted garden. The Second Graders are now writing and reading about their adventures while they learn to care for garden as well!”

     * In the educational field, students and classroom teachers who move up together in subsequent years are “looping.” Usually looping occurs at the elementary school level.
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