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Sayville Division I and II Athletes

  • Congratulations to the following Sayville Seniors who intend to play a Division I or II sport next year. (Not present for photo John Haggert and Meaghan Scheck).


    Tyler Hoffman                              Stony Brook                       Tennis

    Zack Sirico                                     Loyola                                  Lacrosse

    Conner O’Neill                              Marist                                   Lacrosse

    Andrew Gonzalez                        CW Post                               Lacrosse

    Madison Hoon                              American                            Lacrosse

    Taylor Mills                                   Columbia                            Field Hockey

    Kelly Leach                                     Binghamton                       Volleyball

    Meaghan Scheck                          Lynn University               Swimming

    Melanie Trinkwald                     Wagner                                Track

    Melanie Drinkwater                   Goshen College                 Soccer/Track

    Amanda Famularo                     Towson                                Track

    Matt Leshinger                             Columbia                            Wrestling

    John Haggert                                Stony Brook                       Football

    Chris Belcher                                Monroe CC                          Track