SAVA Showcases Time and Talent

  • SAVA Showcases Time and Talent

    A steady stream of spectators enjoyed their time at the annual SAVA Districtwide art show, where talent was obvious from the youngest student artists all the way to the exceptional works in the 2013 Senior Showcase.


    Throughout the day, in addition to the usual face painting, gift baskets, and balloon-animal fun, “we had tables where guests could create fashion illustrations (run by my HS fashion students) and hands-on cave painting for guests (run by 8th grade students with art history information),” explained Art Chairperson Debra Urso. “We launched the 2012-2013 Virtual Museum, which can be found on the web.”

    Also, for a second year, spectators could access a link or download a video, using a QR code via a Quick Response Code App on a handheld device, and view prerecorded SAVA Show seniors discussing their art pieces.

    Award-winning pieces by Seniors Lorelei Olk and Meg Mulry were on exhibit, attesting to the stellar accolades earned by these talented, hardworking young ladies.

    A special reception was held this year to acknowledge the years of service by two wonderful, but now retiring, art teachers, Anne Marie Podlas and Kim Kamensky. The time they spent in the district has left its mark, not only in the young artists they inspired, but in the hearts of their colleagues.

    “I have never in my life met a greater elementary school art teacher than Anne Marie Podlas!” Mrs. Urso began. “When you look up elementary ‘art teacher’ in the dictionary, you see Pod’s face! She always manages to make her students’ work fresh, new and innovative.” Generations of former students who had Mrs. Podlas were glad to step forward, express their thanks, and share her excitement during this special day.


    Mrs. Urso continued her praises for High School Art teacher Mrs. Kamensky. “Kim has dedicated her career to helping create and maintain SAVA and the National Art Honor Society. We had several parents come to the opening reception to say thank you…some of whom were entire families—parent and child…”

    Mrs. Urso concluded, “We will miss them terribly! They have been such an integral part of our department.”


    By the end of the Art Celebration, the SAVA awards/scholarships for the secondary level were announced and distributed. Congratulations to the following students:


    Senior Scholarship Awards
    Drawing                  Lorelei Olk

    Painting                  Jackie Christensen

    Fashion                  Alex Leigh-Manuel

    3D                         Melanie Trinwald

    Overall Fine Artist    Lorelei Olk

    Senior peoples choice

    Drawing                  Meg Mulry

    Painting                   Jackie Christensen

    Fashion                   Mackenzie Cannini

    Fine Artist                Meg Mulry

    3D                           Amy Dean

    Underclass Scholarship Awards

    Drawing                   Jamie Lambert

    Painting                   Sara Walsh & Autumn Bradley

    Fashion                    Shannon Bohman

    3D                           Kristi Kasinski

    Media                      Emily Milano

    Underclass Peoples Choice

    Drawing                   Julia Simpson

    Painting                   Kara Stenberg

    Fashion                   Samantha Stokes

    3D                          Victoria Ross  

    Media                     Michael Coan  



    1-Samantha Wilson

    2-Rachel Zarrett

    3-Julia Lyons

    4-Samantha Murphy

    5-Elizabeth Pigott

    6-Daniel Johnson(MS)

    7-Kayla Torres

    8-Gianna Fraccalvieri

    8th grade 

     Calista Tomasetti

    Gianna Scoleri