Breakfast of Champs Returns for Spring

  • Champs Celebrating Spring Breakfast

    Twenty Sayville High School students were recognized for good character and integrity at the Spring Breakfast of Champions ceremony which included Sayville Administrators, Faculty, Staff, and relatives in the celebration.

    These students were singled out for consistently demonstrating qualities of kindness, motivation, compassion, enthusiasm, diligence, and good citizenship beyond the classroom or athletic field or who achieved their personal best by striving to overcome major obstacles. Sayville High School teachers and staff nominated them for their positive conduct which has made a difference and provided the essential components for a successful High School Community.

    After the staff expressed (click on the pdf link below) their appreciation of each recipient, each student received a Breakfast of Champions certificate and plaque created with their portrait on a Wheaties Box background.

    In addition this year, Peer Leadership students were recognized and certificates were presented to “a group of amazing young women,” Student Assistance Counselor Martha J. Kahan, L.C.S.W announced, speaking on behalf of the PPS staff. These students “not only volunteered to conduct classroom presentations on suicide prevention, but when faced with the tragic death of one of our 9th graders just about a month ago, rushed to assist us with the over one-hundred students who came to mourn the loss of their classmate. These young women, without particular training or preparation, rushed down to our offices that Monday morning and used their instinct to talk, hug,cry with and listen to their younger peers.”

    “And although their names were submitted too late to be on a Wheaties Box,” Ms. Kahan continued, “we hope they know that they were  and always will be our Lucky Charms!”

    Superintendent Dr. Walter Schartner along with Deputy Superintendent Dr. Geraldine Sullivan Keck, Assistant Superintendent for Business John Belmonte, and Food Service Director Linda Horrigan enjoyed hearing the accolades about the honored students.

    Breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries, bagels, and pancakes along with assorted beverages, all provided by 21 Main Restaurant, West Sayville, ensured that satisfaction of spirit was followed by a satisfying morning meal. Special thanks go to Assistant Principal Brian Decker who organized the event, Jillian Makris who hosted the morning ceremony, the technology department for making the plaques, and Mr. Ari Kramer and his chamber students who provided the soothing musical ambiance. (See more photos below.)


    1. Kaleigh Acevedo
    2. Amanda Bonkoski
    3. Alexander Bortzfield
    4. Jacaueline Johnson
    5. Olivia Kaczmarek
    6. Victoria Keghlian
    7. Sean Lorthioir
    8. Dylan McManus
    9. Jamie Meere
    10. Jenna Meere
    11. Erin Murphy
    12. Brian Novak
    13. Caroline Pace
    14. Alyssa Racioppi
    15. Jake Rubenstein
    16. Michael Santiago
    17. Andrew Schneider
    18. Katherine VanDorn
    19. Christine Ward
    20. Cassandra Wilson

    Peer Leadership students who were honored at Breakfast of Champions:

    1. Sam Schenkel
    2. Allie Petillo
    3. Melina Guida
    4. Ariana Duque
    5. Kate Farrell
    6. Gina Palumbo
    7. Kaleigh McKenna
    8. Kim Miller
    9. Adriana Richardson
    10. Cella Craine (absent that day)
    11. Paige Becker
    12. Krista Becker
    13. Heather Mannkopf

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