Using Their Heads to Prevent Head Injuries

  • Using Their Heads

    to Prevent  Head Injuries

    Hearing about head injuries can be a frightening topic for children, but thanks to the Teddy Bear Clinic, the Kindergarten students at Cherry Avenue learned the benefits of safety precautions. This program, which is sponsored by the Division of Trauma and Emergency Medicine at North Shore LIJ Southside Hospital, brings awareness about injury prevention in an age-appropriate manner.

    During her visit with the students, Southside Hospital Trauma Program Manager, Angela Scimone “opened” the Teddy Bear Clinic to discuss rules for bike and pool safety, and proper child-restraint systems in vehicles. She impressed on the students that they can be proactive in knowing and practicing what is the correct method to keep their heads and bodies safe.

    “We talked about how and why we wear bicycle helmets,” Kindergarten teacher Kate Enea explained, “and we talked about never going near or around a pool without a grown-up. Then we worked on fixing our ‘patients.’” The children enjoyed bringing from home a special toy “patient” to the clinic where they were instructed how to tend to specific injuries.

    The topic had the students thinking seriously about the best ways to prevent injuries. Kindergartener Abby Streek advised, “You should wear your helmet when you are biking," as she tended to her toy monkey who “fell off the tree.” Classmate Sofia Congelosi explained, “I got to help Clifford who fell off his bike and I learned you should stay in your booster seat.”

    That’s using you head!