Advice from IT Alumni

  • Advice from Information Technology Alumni

    Offering frank insights to college-bound IT students

    Three Sayville Alumni, who studied Computer Maintenance and CISCO Networking classes at Sayville High School, agreed it gave them an advantage. 

    During the Information Technology Alumni Return Day, organized by Sayville High School Technology and Business Chairperson, Bryan Coon, recent graduates Thomas Renezuli, Chris Baio and Dylan Zuleski talked about attending college, careers, and employment in the Information Technology industry and about the benefits of working in the computer and networking industry while attending college. 

    The Sayville students who are currently enrolled in Mr. Coon’s Computer Maintenance, CISCO 1 Networking and CISCO 2 Networking were given a glimpse of future opportunities as they listened and learned:

    • Chris Baio shared his experiences working as a computer maintenance technician for the Amityville Public Library.  He discussed how taking the Computer Maintenance class at Sayville High School successfully prepared him to pass his industry certification exam that led to employment in the computer industry while attending college. Mr. Baio concluded his discussion by sharing various computer industry websites that students could utilize to study for industry certification exam or to locate employment opportunities.

    Tom and Dylan shared their part-time experiences working in the Information Technology industry while attending college full-time. 

    • Dylan asked students to realize the advantage that they have attending Computer Maintenance and CISCO Networking classes at Sayville High School. He told students that the information they were currently learning in the classes could lead directly to employment in the Information Technology industry. Dylan explained that successful completion of the Computer Maintenance and the CISCO Networking classes would provide students with a Certificate of Completion as proof of the knowledge and skills obtained in class.   
    • Tom spoke about his experiences working as a computer maintenance technician and the importance of treating everyone professionally and with kindness.  He discussed how the Information Technology industry could be stressful dealing with other people’s problems all day long if you fail to realize the opportunity for continued employment that the problems create.


    Mr. Coon was pleased with the frank exchange of information and experiences that the Alumni had to offer. “It was nice to see our graduates return and share their experiences with our students. During Information Technology Alumni Return Day, our Alumni opened discussions that helped eliminate some of the mystery surrounding both the college experience and seeking employment in the Information Technology industry.”

    Computer Maintenance student Kenneth Cutrone agreed. “I thought it was cool having someone come in and talk about his job and what he does, since those are the types of jobs that kids who take this class usually want.”

    “The speakers gave many tips and tricks, about getting though college and into the networking, programming or computer industry,” added Ryan Reitzel also enrolled in Computer Maintenance.

    “This helped me immensely,” said Joe Giardina who has been taking Cisco II. “…questioning people who have done what I plan to do gives me a lot of helpful advice. I hope this program [to have alumni return] continues.”

    “The guest speakers truly have the best insight as to what is in store for us in the future if we were to pursue this as a career,” summarized Chris Tobin who as a Computer Maintenance student was looking to gain hands-on experience alongside class studies. “They are truly the best resource.”