Heart ART

  • ART at the Heart of Spontaneity

     “We had been studying the circulatory system,” explained High School Biology teacher Cindy Giannico; however, she was still quite surprised when one of her tenth-grade students produced an accurate drawing of the human heart.

    While working with Mr. Jason Ferremi, who co-teaches the Biology class, Skye Fasulo spontaneously pulled out a sheet of paper and drew the human heart as a demonstration of her own understanding of the organ. The drawing was so good it was used for the class as a study guide.

    “This tenth-grade Biology student is not only an A student,” Mrs. Giannico continued with amazement, “but she does A+ artwork as well. I loved it so much, I asked if she could paint it on my classroom wall!”

    As requested, Skye Fasulo painted a colorful rendering of the human heart on the wall in Mrs. Ciannico’s classroom. “What was so awesome,” the Biology teacher exclaimed, “was that she now can name every part of the heart and all the arteries and veins that enter and exit it!”

    Skye, who loves art, is currently taking art classes, and will be enrolled in AP art next year. Although she is still unsure how she will use her artistic talent in the future, she does plan on continuing with drawing and painting.

heart art.jpg