Rocking Reading at Cherry

  • Reading Rocks With Rewards

    During Cherry Ave PARP

    Choosing the PARP theme of Read Like A Rockstar, the Cherry Avenue students reaped some rocking rewards with the help of the Cherry PTA, faculty, staff, and parents who participated.

    “The program kicked off with Books & Blankets Night where children snuggled into their pajamas and came to Cherry with blankets in hand,” offered PTA President Marisa Milo. “Dr. Stimmel opened the evening with a story. Then the students visited themed classrooms throughout the schools for short stories with mystery readers (staff, teachers, Dr. Schartner, and Dr. Sullivan-Keck).The evening ended with a performance by Nick Tangorra and his band, which had the children on their feet singing, dancing and enjoying their very own rock concert.”

    During the next three weeks, the daily trivia contests encouraged all the students to crack open their books each afternoon for a chance to be a winner. Within the community, the Sayville Public Library supported the students by showcasing books to fit the Read Like A Rockstar theme.

    Incentives to keep the students enthused were numerous. Weekly timecards were tallied and registered on the PARP indicator that was posted outside the main entrance. “At the end of each week, the class with the most minutes read was treated to a mini dance party where they read a Rockin poem, took a midday dance break, and enjoyed a sweet treat.” Mrs. Milo explained. “And the classes from each grade that read the most combined minutes at the end of the program received their own Rockstar party, with cupcakes, prizes and more!”

    All their hard work paid off. The children reached their school goal of 200,000 minutes and as Dr. Stimmel promised, he made an appearance as a Rock n Roll celebrity in a memorable school day celebration.

    With enthusiastic words and flashing signs that read We Will Rock You, Mrs. Teufel’s class warmed up the crowd in the gym and stimulated a thunderous chant for “Doctor S! Doctor S! Doctor S!” Cheers erupted as the Rock Star appeared, bedecked in glittering jacket, colorful headgear, sunglasses, and with his guitar slung over his shoulder. “Thank you very much!” he said as everyone clapped and sang “We will, we will rock you!”

    Doctor S congratulated everyone, including the PTA committee and Cherry Avenue community, but especially the rocking students who made it all possible!