Out of this World with PARP

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    Out of this world with PARP

     While reading is always the focus during the four-week PARP (Parents as Reading Partners Program) activities at Sunrise Drive Elementary School, the students had an added incentive with the “Reading is Out of This World!” theme. “We focused on a space-aliens theme and incorporated it into the four, weekly readings, which included a BINGO board game and a short writing piece,” explained PARP commitment member and Sunrise Drive parent Cheryl Como. Participating students' names were also drawn for weekly book prizes!

     Once the students successfully completed and submitted their PARP weekly reading sheets, they were invited to attend the culminating activity—a laser show, where they each received packets containing prizes. What was most exciting, however, for those PARP students was the rare opportunity to “suit up” their special guest, Superintendent Dr. Schartner, for outer space—all part of the theme.

    Each eligible student received a piece of duct tape to tape Dr. Shartner to a chair and create a duct-tape space suit.

     “Dr. Shartner was a very good sport, and the kids loved duct taping him!” said Mrs. Como.