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Solar Energy Lessons From the Rooftop

  • Array of Lessons From the Rooftop

    About Solar Energy

    “Not only are we saving the environment by not burning fossil fuels, but we are saving the district money as well!” AP Environmental Science teacher Sonja Anderson explained to her AP Environmental Science (APES) as they explored the High School’s renewable energies and cost-saving techniques which Sayville School District has been employing.

    Mrs. Anderson’s students have been learning in class about energy efficiency and renewable energy, but recently, they were afforded a very special opportunity to witness first-hand such an environmentally friendly operation by visiting the solar array on the roof of their very own High School building.

    Thanks to the guiding assistance of Head Custodian, Jim Striffler, the students enjoyed a “behind the scenes tour” that started in the boiler room. “Mr. Striffler discussed the boiler systems and the types of energy we use to heat the building. He showed the students how the pipework was run underground as well as the air ducts that circulate the fresh air in the building,” said Mrs. Anderson. “Our final stop was to see the solar array that has been operating at the High School.”

    From this vantage point, the students caught a glimpse into the future of where sustainable energies can lead and where environmental studies might actually take them. They also were highly influenced by this real-world application.  

    Coming back off the roof, the students were directed to the science hallway where a television monitor displayed the output of electricity and how the solar panels were contributing to the electrical demand of the High School. 

     “It was impressive to see an application to concepts that students have been reading and learning about in class!” concluded Mrs. Anderson, adding, “A big thank you to Mr. Stiffler for all his cooperation and time!”