Earth Day Art

  • Students REUSE, RECYCLE, and RECREATE Art for Earth Day Contest

    In preparation for the New York State Senate Earth Day art contest, Cherry Avenue Fourth-grade students in Ms. Robin Laxton art classes created artwork that demonstrated the Earth Day theme of recycle, reuse, and reduce. Most of their artwork was created using recycled materials, such as paper, cardboard tubes, and leftover paint, that not only incorporated the Earth Day theme of recycle, reuse, reduce, but also, in the students’ case, recreated into works of art!

    The following fourth graders from Mrs. Coyle’s class had their group artwork of owls submitted and selected for view in the art contest at the website: Nicole Moccio, Hannah Baldante, Justin Doucet, Nicholas Buffardi, Jordan Milo, Robert Dushnick, Luca Destafano, and received certificates for their efforts. Congratulations!