The Pipes, The Pipes Are Calling

  • At Cherry Avenue, the Pipes, the Pipes are Calling

    When Cherry Avenue Third-grade Teacher Geraldine Batterberry asked Principal Dr. Stimmel about whether there might be a St. Patrick’s Day Assembly, inviting a bagpiper was part of the conversation. Often, volunteer and municipal fire departments have showcased bagpipers at their memorial celebrations, so Mrs. Batterberry began her search by calling to inquire about importinga bagpiper from out east.

    However, thanks to Mrs. Debbie Abrams and Mrs. Kelly Cummings who quickly got on the case, the Cherry Avenue community did not have to look that far for someone with talent for playing the pipes. As former Sunrise Drive faculty members, both Mrs. Abrams and Mrs. Cummings couldn’t quite forget how their colleague, Mr. Decker, used to practice his pipes in the empty Sunrise cafeteria. “Brian Decker owes us,” they joked. “We used to listen to him before he got good!”

    Mrs. Cummings quickly placed a call to Sayville High School Assistant Principal Brian Decker, and he replied “what time do you need me?”

    Assistant Principal Decker proved he had amazing talent that awed the Cherry Avenue students as he came dressed in kilts to perform for the St. Patrick’s Day assembly. 

    “Mr. Decker was wonderful!” Mrs. Batterberry exclaimed. “He answered all the questions asked by students and gave a brief lesson on the history of the pipes. (I'm pretty sure we even have some future pipers at Cherry thanks to Brian!)”