Leadership Award in Boys Basketball - Senior Luke Bachety

  • Sayville School District’s First Annual State Farm Boys Basketball Leadership Scholarship of $1,000 has been awarded to 2013 Senior Luke Bachety. 

    This scholarship has been awarded to the Luke for his exemplary contributions to the harmony, loyalty, morale, and development of the team.


    While the scholarship recipient can be either a Junior or Senior, this year, Luke possessed the outstanding qualities that earned him this award. He has given 100% effort during practice and games, maintained a teachable attitude, demonstrated respect for his coaches, teammates, opponents, and the officials, encouraged his teammates through the “highs and lows” of the season, and showed a genuine love for the game. Luke, who was also dedicated to the Basketball Program both during the season and off season, certainly proved to be a very worthy representative of Sayville’s best.


    Congratulations, Luke Bachety, for earning this distinguished award.

HS photo courtesy of Jo Art